Dec.31 Countdown 2017-2018 Fireworks Festival Limited Ticket
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[ Dec.31 Countdown 2017-2018 Fireworks Festival Limited Ticket ]

*Ticket on Dec.31*

Ticket Name


Full Time Countdown Ticket
Using Time
Admission+Approx.50 Attractions


Countdown Part 1 Ticket
Using Time(09:00~19:00)
Admission+Approx.50 Attractions


Countdown Part 2 Ticket
Using Time(18:00~26:00)
Admission+Approx.50 Attractions


■ If you stay at the official hotel on Saturday, December 30th and check out on December 31st (Sunday),    
     you do not need a admission ticket on the check-out day.(It's not possible to enter the park) 
    ※ When you leave the hotel, you can go to the park entrance by the hotel pick-up bus.   
    ※ The above mentioned official hotel: Hotel Europe, Forest Villa, Watermark Hotel    
■ On Dec.31st, all visitors including hotel overnight guest will be required to have a "countdown ticket", which is a limited ticket for December 31st.   
■ Re-entry Passport privilege tickets of 3 official hotels(Hotel Europe, Amsterdam Hotel, Forest Villa)    
    for Dec.30 and Dec.31(Check-out Date: Dec.31 and Jan.1) are invalid.    
■ In view of the safety of guests, the traffic(park bus, etc.)will be stopped. We apologize for the inconvenience.   
■ You can buy at the venue, with which you can be close to see fireworks.   
    (※ The Fireworks Seat Ticket is separate from the "Countdown Ticket".)   
★ The travel agencies selling "Countdown Ticket"   
* HIS  
* Tour Doctor