Countdown Fireworks Limited Tickets on Dec.31
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Click to purchase Countdown Special Ticket of Dec.31.-> 
*Full-time Countdown Ticket(9:00~26:00)*
Ticket Name Ticket Price
Full-time Countdown Ticket
※Prices until Dec.24(Tue)
Full-time Countdown Ticket
※Prices between Dec.25(Wed) and Dec.30(Mon)
Full-time Countdown Ticket
※Prices of Dec.31(Tue)
*After 6 Countdown Ticket(18:00~26:00)*
Ticket Name TIcket Price
After 6 Countdown Ticket
※Prices until Dec.24(Tue)
After 6 Countdown Ticket
※Prices between Dec.25(Wed)~Dec.30(Mon)
After 6 Countdown Ticket
※Prices of Dec.31(Tue)
■ Adult:Age18+/ Junior:middle & senior middle school students/ Child:primary school students/ Preschooler:Age4~primary school age / *Thoughtfulness 
*Thoughtfulness Ticket:senior(Age65+), pregnant woman+1 companion, companions of children under Age3 (2 companions), pet carrier(1 person 1 pet)  
*Please refer to "usage price-usage information" for details of Preshooler Ticket and Thoughtfulness Ticket. 
■ For the safety of guests, the traffic(park bus, etc.)will be stopped when it is crowded. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
■ Please buy with which you can be close to see fireworks at the ticket booth or HIS travel agency. 
(※ The Fireworks Seat Ticket is separate from the "Admission Ticket".) 
■ Countdown Ticket holders can enter into the free zone of Rotterdam Venue. 
★ Information of Countdown Fireworks