Notice of Temporary Closure to Prevent Expansion of Novel Corona virus Pneumonia
HTBFebruary 28, 2020 22:02:42Views 2933
Huis Ten Bosch has decided to suspend business and temporarily close during the following period to prevent the spread of domestic infections caused by the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia.
We are very sorry to the customers who have planned to have a good time at Huis Ten Bosch, but we have to ask for your understanding. 
We hope that the epidemic will end soon and also hope that all customers will be safe and healthy.
Period of Temporary Closure: Feb. 29, 2020(Sat.) ~ Mar. 15, 2020(Sun.)
* The re-opening time will be carefully determined based on future situations,
If there is any change on the re-opening date, it will be notified later.
During the temporary closure, the details of refund will be announced on the official website later.