Ticket Refund & Breakfast Change
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■Ticket Refund


During the period from Feb. 29, 2020(Sat.) to Mar. 15, 2020(Sun.), we will refund the tickets you have already purchased but not used.


※ If you purchased from a travel agency


Customers who have purchased tickets through travel agencies, please contact the travel agencies. Thank you.



■Hotel Accommodation Guide


① Hotel Amsterdam and Forest Villa will be closed from Feb.29(Sat) to Mar.15 (Sun.)


② Hotel Europe and Henn-na Hotel are open during the above period.


*Please make reservations before 17:00 the day before check-in if you want to stay in Hotel Europe or Henn-na Hotel.


*De Admiraal, Kissuitei, Ebisuza, Anchors Lounge and Scheherazade in Hotel Europe are open now.


*Breakfast at Hotel Europe and Henn-na Hotel temporarily does not serve buffets.


Hotel Europe offers western-style set menu and Japanese-style set menu for you to choose.


Henn-na Hotel serves buffet menu on a plate.



Breakfast at Hotel Europe and Henn-na Hotel will be changed from Mar. 3, 2020 (Tuesday).




■Hotel Europe






Breakfast Place: Anchors Lounge / Breakfast Details: * Western-style Set Menu (Before Change: Buffet)


*Western-style Set Menu


・Eye Opener (sparkling wine), Salad Yoghurt Fruit, Egg Dishes(Omelet, Fried Egg, Egg Scramble), served with sausage and bacon, various of hotel-made bakery, Drinks(juice, coffee, black tea)


Breakfast Place: Kissuitei offers Japanese-style set menus without any change.



■Henn-na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch


Breakfast Place: AURA / Serving Method: *We will serve it in a plate. (Before Change: Buffet)


*We will serve buffet menu on a plate.


*Hotel bus normally operates. Please board at the bus stop in front of the Park Hotel Luggage Storage.


※During the above period, if you have a reservation in Hotel Amsterdam or Forest Villa and still want to stay in a park hotel, we will arrange for you to stay at Hotel Europe.​