The Extension of Temporary Closure in Accordance with the Policy to Expand Emergency Declarations Nationwide
HTBApril 17, 2020 21:04:16Views 1118
We wish you eternal development and sincerely thank you for your continued support.
Huis Ten Bosch was planning a temporary closure until April 30(Thu), but with the rapid expansion of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia infection, and as the target area of the government-issued emergency declaration has been expanded nationwide, we decided to extend the suspension period from May 1 (Fri) to May 6 (Wed).  
We are sorry for bringing a lot of inconvenience and disappointment to customers who are looking forward to visiting Huis Ten Bosch, but we have to ask for your understanding and ask you to help us deliver this notice to other customers.
The Temporary Closure of Huis Ten Bosch,
Hotel Europe• Hotel Amsterdam • Forest Villa • Henn-na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch are going to be closed.
Period: from May 1 (Fri) to May 6 (Wed).
* As for the operation after May 7(Thu), it depends on the situation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia infection and the information from the administrative authorities. We will judge cautiously by considering the health and safety of our customers and employees, then inform again.