Come on! Gambaro Kyushu
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In order to revive Kyushu's economy, Huis Ten Bosch starts this campaign with the H.I.S. to sincerely comfort the victims who suffered an earthquake around the Kumanmoto area from April 14th and wish them to return to the peaceful normal life as soon as possible.

Huis Ten Bosh(It's located in Sasebo city, Kyushu.) kept open even after the 14th. 
Under this situation, Huis Ten Bosch held a discussion to find what it could do for the widely-beloved Kyushu. 
After discussion, it decided to hold a campaign named "Come on! Kyushu campaign" to help Kyushu to revive its economy. 
Here is the explanation about the campaign.
This campaign will be carried out nationwide by Huis Ten Bosch and H.I.S Group Coporation(General company is in Shinjuku, Tokyo.) Huis Ten Bosch will first collect all the high-quality and delicious local products and food from Kumamoto, Oita and other areas in Kyushu, then put the products and food to the shops and restaurants in the resort and actively introduce and sell them to the customers. 
This campaign aims at reviving the Kyushu economy by activating all the local economy. 
※For more details, please refer to the homepage. 
In addition, the member of H.I.S Group Company, Kyusanko Coporation whose general company is in Kumamoto also devotes to helping the damaged industries return to noraml. It carries out a "Support to the Victims" plan to give material support to the victims and supply a free school bus service to the victims of isolated areas. 
Besides this, it gives a "post disaster reconstruction support" to supply a free shuttle bus service to the staffs of local government and the volunteers. At the same time, the enterprises and the party that work on the reconstruction of disaster areas are granted the priority of delivery. 
We long for your understanding and participation. 
All the members of our corporation will definitely devote to the revival of Kyushu economy and tourism.