After the exit, may I enter again on the same day?
Once you leave Huis Ten Bosch Park, you will be able to enter once again.
There is a re-entry stamp at the departure hall, so when you leave, please take a stamp on the back of your hand, Show it with your ticket to the staff at the entrance gate when you enter the park again.

※ There is no limit to the re-entry of the hotel guests. Please show the proof of your stay at the time of re-entry.
Please explain the benefits to the disabled.
A person or a group can enjoy discounts if the disability certificate can be showed.
The welfare card for the disabled of own country is also applicable. Discount is applied to the customer who shows the welfare card at the ticket office.
After coming down from the express cruise, where can I buy the Huis Ten Bosch ticket? If without the ticket, how can I get to the “Welcome” area in Huis Ten Bosch?
If you take a high-speed boat to Huis Ten Bosch Ferry(Marine Terminal), you can buy tickets at the Harbor Gate ticket box which is 3mins’ walk from the marine terminal.
May I buy the ticket with National Amusement Park General Coupon or gift card?
Visa and MasterCard can be used.
Besides this, is there any other tickets?
There are some other tickets with a valid period like seasonal special tickets and access ticket set. Besides this, there are also some tickets that are not directly sold by Huis Ten Bosch.
When does the Parking open?
Except for special days such as Golden Week in Japan, Obon and holidays at the end of year or at the beginning of new year, the parking is available from 30mins before the opening time of Huis Ten Bosch to the final admission time.
When does the Parking close?
Parking is available for up to one hour after closing, except for certain event days such as fireworks festival.
If I come back to the Parking over its business hours, can I exit?
Of course it’s okay. If you exit after “Schiphol”, the general store at the farewell gate, is closed, you can go out by the door on the left side of “Schiphol”.
Does Huis Ten Bosch have regular holiday?
Huis Ten Bosch  is open all year round.
Howere, please confirm the operation time, day-offs and holidays of Huis Ten Bosch, restaurants, shops, attractions, museums and hotels in each season.