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Escape success rate 1%

Dinosaur Woods

Eligible to Passport Holders
Usage restrictions
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Adventure Park
Adventure Park C-2
Eligible to Passport Holders

Only 1% success rate! Can you escape safely!

A mysterious organization targeting the DNA of dinosaurs has attacked the laboratory that succeeded in reviving dinosaurs!
Your mission is to find and escape the dinosaur DNA before the mysterious organization!
The success rate is only 1%. Will the mission be completed !?

Facility information
NameDinosaur Woods
LocationAdventure Park
Time required15 to 25 minutes
PriceEligible to Passport Holders
Remarks■ Notes
1. preschool guests in is required accompanied by an adult.
2. Wheelchair guests and pregnant guests cannot use this service.
3. As Attractions, we recommend using shoes that are easy to move, such as sneakers.
(Free rain shoes available in rainy weather)
4. We are not responsible for any stains on clothes and other items.
5. In addition, please follow the instructions of the staff.

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