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Experience-based role-playing game

Zipangu Detectives

Eligible to Passport Holders
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Welcome area
Welcome area
Eligible to Passport Holders

An expedition story set in the city!

Zipangu Detectives" is a hands-on role-playing game that deciphers the mystery of "Book of Adventure" and seeks out hidden treasures.
There are 5 courses, from experience courses that anyone can clear, beginner courses that even elementary school students can enjoy, intermediate courses, and super-advanced courses that are difficult for adults to become.
Follow "The Treasures of Pirate King Road" and explore Huis Ten Bosch

Facility information
Name of facilityZipangu Detectives
LocationWelcome area
Park holiday
FeeEligible to Passport Holders
Remarks■ Course (for passports below)

▼ A course that anyone can find!
Experience course
◇ For elementary school students and beginners ◇ Assumed time Approximately 1 time~ 2 time
▼ Recommended for first-time users!
Beginner course
◇ For elementary school students and adult beginners
◇ Assumed time 2 time~ 3 time
Intermediate course
◇ For middle and high school students, intermediate puzzle solvers ◇ Assumed time About half a day

▼ Advanced course
◇ For university students and advanced adults ◇ Assumed time About 2 days
▼ Super advanced course
◇ For advanced users who have cleared all courses
◇ Assumed time About 3-4 days

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