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Cart Taxi

Vehicles / Others
Rainy day OK
Usage restrictions
Convenient for vehicles and movement
[Pickup to destination] 300 yen per person (Vehicle type varies depending on the number of passengers) / [Huis Ten Bosch a round trip] 20 minutes / 2,200 yen, 30 minutes / 3,000 yen ~ (when using a small car / capacity 4) Name)

dateOpening hoursRemarks
Friday, July 0110:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Saturday, July 0210:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
July 03 (Sun)10:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Monday, July 0410:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Tuesday, July 0510:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Wednesday, July 0610:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Thursday, July 0710:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Friday, July 0810:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Saturday, July 0910:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Sunday, July 1010:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Monday, July 1110:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Tuesday, July 1210:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Wednesday, July 1310:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Thursday, July 1410:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Friday, July 1510:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Saturday, July 1610:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Sunday, July 1710:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Monday, July 1810:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Tuesday, July 1910:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Wednesday, July 2010:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Thursday, July 2110:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Friday, July 2210:00~21:00※最終受付 20:00(一周観光)
Saturday, July 2310:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Sunday, July 2410:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Monday, July 2510:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Tuesday, July 2610:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Wednesday, July 2710:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Thursday, July 2810:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Friday, July 2910:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Saturday, July 3010:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)
Sunday, July 3110:00~22:00※最終受付 21:00(一周観光)

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