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Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
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Attraction Town
Attraction Town D-3
Eligible to Passport Holders

The best, fastest and longest! The strongest VR roller coaster in the world

The world's strongest VR roller coaster is born with VR x motion sheet x ride system!
Absolutely impossible in the real world! Super high speed, super superb view, and unpredictable super development.
Now, a surprising coaster departs from Huis Ten Bosch!!

What's So Fun?!

Blown away speed 270km / h!
The fastest in the world!

■ Height difference 300m!
About twice the highest in the world (USA: Sky Wrapper 150m)
Its height is more than three times that of the Statue of Liberty!

■ Total length 3,000m!
1.2 times more than the world's longest roller coaster!
(Japan: Mie Prefecture 2,479m)

As part of our preventive measure, we have installed "prevention shields" on every sheets.
With our thorough measures, we are looking forward to seeing you at VR-KING!

Facility information
LocationAttraction Town
Time requiredAbout 14 minutes
PriceEligible to Passport Holders
RemarksTarget age: 7 years old and over (under 13 years old requires parental consent)
Usage restrictions: Height 130 cm or more.
Weight less than 90kg (measured while using the facility)
Not available to guests, guests, and wheelchair guests (available to those who can walk independently).
[About epidemic prevention measures]
The required ventilation volume from the air conditioning equipment meets the standards.
Ventilation by circulator and disinfection every cycle.

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