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Walk rally

Huis Ten Bosch AR Quest

Eligible to Passport Holders
Small kids can also enjoy
Available for pregnant women
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with 3 generations
Welcome area
Welcome area
Eligible to Passport Holders
Opening hours

AR walk rally game. You can try while sightseeing around the HTB park.

An AR walk rally for children that can be played on smartphones is now available!
Let's try to solve the mystery while strolling in the park. When you solve the mystery, dinosaurs and fairies will appear! Let's solve all the mysteries and aim to clear the game!

■ How to play
(1) Download the app "Satch Viewer" on your smartphone in advance.
② You can start the game by reading the QR code on the signboard of "Huis Ten Bosch AR Quest" installed in front of the teddy bear Shop "Linda" in the welcome area.
③ Enjoy the game while going around the venue.

Facility information
Name of facilityHuis Ten Bosch AR Quest
LocationWelcome area Teddy bear Shop "Linda" front sign
Opening hours
FeeEligible to Passport Holders
RemarksYou can play this Attractions on your own smartphone.