* The photo shows the past

Stroll through the streets of Europe
decorated with autumn flowers

Flower Town

City of flowers

A new flower spot will appear this autumn

Flower passage

Appeared on 9/11 (Sat)

Amsterdam City G-5

The shopping street in the center of the city is decorated with floral art works. Feel the autumn with colorful dahlias and mum.



Amsterdam City G-7


A place of relaxation where you can hear music

Flower Square

Amsterdam City,
Amsterdam Square G-14

A lively place with butterflies and crown objects as landmarks. As you look at the flowers, you can hear the artist's live music from the nearby stage.

Wrapped in 1,000 varieties of graceful roses

Autumn roses

Oct/30th (Sat) - Nov/21st (Sun)

Art Garden E-2

Palace Huis Ten Bosch K-21

Autumn roses have a mellow scent. It is exceptional to walk around the streets of Europe in autumn while being surrounded by the scent.
* Flowering conditions may change depending on the weather and other reasons.
* There was some error in the content provided in the pamphlet distributed by travel agencies. (Correct) Autumn Rose (Error) Autumn Rose Festival

A spectacular view of three windmills and seasonal flowers

Flower Road B-2

Huis Ten Bosch is a popular flower spot associated with. The colorful flowers bloom only during this period, and you can enjoy the scenery like the Netherlands.

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