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A lineup of cute menus that everyone from children to adults will love!

Halloween carnival

Ghosts, mummies, bats, skulls! Sandwich vegetables in focaccia, dip in pumpkin paste, and enjoy your favorite way of eating ♪

Price: 1,800 yen

Halloween black burger
& Horror potatoes

A jet-black hamburger with buns and cheese dyed black. A mysterious finger from under a large number of potatoes ...!

Price: 1,300 yen

Shrimp chili cheese fondue

A variety of cheese-fondue-style ghosts of shrimp and steamed bread! The combination of cheese and shrimp-chili-sauce go great together!

Price: 2,000 yen

H-2 Gokuu

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Cute ghost smile
Nico Nico gratin

Gratin is packed with seasonal vegetables. Pranks where cute ghosts hide the hamburger steak ...! ?? For a mellow taste with handmade bechamel sauce.

Price: 1,300 yen

The blessings of the sea
Ghost salmon bowl

At the Uoichi restaurant, the popular salmon bowl is now available, in the Halloween cute version!

Price: 1,800 yen

Franken burger

Franken's head has plenty of cheese sauce! Franken is also very satisfied! Please eat it!

Price: 1,000 yen

Salmon and cream cheese
 Basil sauce burger

The mellow cream cheese, smoked salmon, and basil sauce go great together! The refreshing "salt lemon" is the secret ingredient.

Price: 850 yen

Recommended accommodation plan for you who want to taste funny and cute Halloween gourmet

Hotel EuropeHotel AmsterdamForest Villa

[Happy Halloween]
Trick or Treat! 2021 plan

Trick or treat! "Poisoned apple burger set" or "Franken burger set" / included Breakfast and 1 DAY Park Ticket

 21,200 ~   yen (1 room for 5 people, per person)

Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

Trick or Treat!! with breakfast Plan

Trick or treat with breakfast

From 7,700 yen (1 room for 3 people, per person)

Not only does it look cute!
The taste is also delicious!
 Sweets that look great on SNS♪

Halloween picnic sweets

A set of drink and sweets that will make you feel excited with Halloween colors. Ghost cream puffs are tiramisu style. Lots of sweets such as macaroons and sables!

Price: 1,400 yen

H-2 Cafe dell plus

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Pumpkin pie

A Halloween-only menu with a jack-o-lantern-shaped pie and sweet potato ice cream.

Price: 900 yen

Pumpkin harvest parfait

We served small homemade Japanese sweets made from local Sechibaru tea and black sesame ice cream. Japanese sweets finished in Halloween color.

Price: 750 yen

I-8 Hananoya

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Sticky ghost cake

Hiding the cake is a white rice cake ghost! Enjoy cute Halloween sweets ♪

Price: 900 yen

Grilled apple made by a witch

A slightly horror sweet baked apple that uses whole apples. Enjoy a luxurious dessert made by a witch.

Price: 900 yen

H-2 Tottotto

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Poisoned apple burger

A new sensation dessert burger of cute red buns, between sweet custard and apple compote sandwiched!

Price: 800 yen




Sticky ghost cake
・ Halloween langue de chat ・ Breakfast included

 16,000 ~ yen (1 room for 4 people, per person)

Gourmet isn't the only
 Halloween mood!
Mysterious drinks are now available
 at 3 cafes!

Blackcurrant(left) , Glowing Dracula's Blood Mary(right)

(Left) Cassis orange dressed up in the Halloween version with chocolate sauce and sweet potato chips. (Right) A sparkling cocktail of exciting liqueur and tomato juice called Dracula's Blood. Can you drink Dracula's blood ...?

Price: 1,000 yen each

E-7 Café & Bar of Light

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Halloween magic ☆
Cotton candy soda

Sprinkle lemon on a clean butterfly pea soda and the color will change from purple to pink! Let's cast the mysterious magic of Halloween ♪

Price: 900 yen

Toasted marshmallow
Bat cappuccino

At Pinoccio, you can enjoy spooky bats flapping on a moonlit night with a delicious cappuccino with marshmallows. 

Price: 650 yen

Halloween cute buffet,
Afternoon tea is here!

3 kinds of Halloween cocktails

(Left) A refreshing carbonated cocktail with a gorgeous scent using violet liqueur.
(Center) Lemon is added to melon liqueur, and red wine is floated for a refreshing taste.
(Right) A dessert cocktail inspired by Halloween baked goods.

Price: 1,500 yen ~

I-1 Scheherazade

* Closed until Sep/30th.

Halloween afternoon tea

A cute tea stand that uses carefully selected autumn tastes and is packed with Halloween elements. Have an elegant Halloween time.

Price: 4,000 yen

Halloween lunch & dessert buffet

Anchors Lounge's popular dessert buffet is now available for Halloween! Only this time, you can add all-you-can-drink wine as an option as a "wine festival version".

Date and time: Oct/10th (Sun), pm 12:30-
Price: Adults 6,000 yen, Child 3,000 yen
<Option sale>
All-you-can-drink wine about 20 kinds, additional 2,500 yen



Date: Oct/2nd(Sat)~! Held only on Saturdays and Sundays
Price: Adults 2,500 yen, Child 1,300 yen


Hotel Europe



33,900 ~  yen (1 room for 2 people, per person)


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