Drink some wine, dance to live music... and EAT!
embrace all that is lovely about fall.

Harvest Festival

Harvest festival

Sep.11Sat.-Nov.3 Wed.


Due to the extension of the state of emergency unique to Nagasaki Prefecture, alcoholic beverages will be served until 7 pm from Sep 13th to 30th.  Click here for details

 Rubens Street

Gracefully wine  on the streets of
 Europe ♪

Tasting 100 wines from around the world

Wine festival

Amsterdam City, Rubens Street G-7

A fashionable photo spot with a line of bottles!

A fashionable photo spot with a line of bottles!

Flower-colored street

The main venue of the wine festival, Rubens Street, is full of flowers! It looks like a patio (courtyard) in Cordoba, the ancient capital of Spain.

A large collection of cheeses from around the world

Cheese festival

Amsterdam City, The Castle of Cheese G-6
Rubens Street G-7

Amsterdam Square

In the center of the city,
 Enjoy music and food!

Amsterdam City G-14

Autumn limited menu is now available

At the garden restaurant where you can watch live music and shows up close, you can enjoy cheese fondue-style ajillo made with Camembert! Enjoy with fresh colorful vegetables ♪

* The photo is an image

Autumn version
Entertainment show


Bayside kitchen

Choose fresh ingredients
 and enjoy the taste of autumn ♪

Harbor Town I-6

A farmer's market where you can enjoy gourmet food made with fresh ingredients!

At restaurants other than the bayside kitchen
Autumn limited menus appear one after another


Attraction Town

Castella, which in season in autumn,
 arranged sweets!

From the popular castella
to the first coffee castella!

Castella festival

Attraction Town, Castella Castle, others D-14

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