9/11 Sat. ~ 11/3 Wed.

In Nagasaki, the temperature and humidity in October are the best for aging castella,
It's time to eat deliciously.
Please enjoy the exquisite castella full of charm ♪

I used castella
Arrange sweets

It's delicious to eat as it is, but why not enjoy a new kind of sweets this year?

Castella chocolate fondue

I made castella and fruit fondue. There is no doubt that it will look cute and look good on SNS!
Price: 600 yen

Milkshake parfait

Nagasaki's specialty milkshakes and castella
Use it to arrange it like a parfait.
Price: 800 yen

Castella tart

Add fruits and macaroons to the castella
A gorgeous tart with treatment.
Price: 600 yen

Other castella sweets
Click here!

Castella pudding

A castella-flavored pudding with a smooth mouthfeel. Above is a jelly that feels rough!
Price: 500 yen


Huis Ten Bosch original castella. A nice accent with a slight bitterness in the sweetness! ♪
Price: 500 yen

Castella rolls and seasonal ice cream

A Japanese-Western collaboration plate that includes the popular Japanese sweets castella rolls, cheesecake and matcha ice cream!
Price: 600 yen

3-color castella assortment

This is for you who are good at it! Enjoy the flavors of plain, red beans, and matcha.
Price: 500 yen


Fits castella
Developed coffee

A collaboration between "Castella", which originated in Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, and coffee whose roots are in Nagasaki! We have created a coffee with a taste that further enhances the deliciousness of "Castella" ♪ Please enjoy the delicious combination.

Coffee for castella

Price: 150 yen each

D-14 Castella Castle

\ Limited to 20 per day /
The hottest Taiwanese castella is also here!


Supervised by Hotel Bakery
Huis Ten Bosch Original Taiwan Castella

Price: 700 yen

D-14 Castella Castle Starts selling from 15:00 each day

With the 3 most popular castella
Coffee for castella
A great lucky bag as a set!


Millennium Forest Wasanbon 0.5 loaf (Izumiya),
Millennium Forest Gold 0.5 loaf (Ijindo),
Hanakoto (Kinkaido), 3 bags of coffee for castella

Regular price 4,150 yen → Sold for 3,000 yen!

D-14 Castella Castle

I want to eat it because it's autumn!

Unusual flavor
All in a row ♪

D-14 Castella Castle

Huis Ten Bosch Original
Kuriwa Sanbon Castella


Mikado Honpo
Roasted sweet potato castella

Autumn taste castella that is delicious even when warmed ♪
Price: 700 yen

Nagasaki Wasanbon Sogicha Castella



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