Cheese imported directly from overseas
Collected luxuriously ♪

9/11 Sat. ~ 11/3 Wed.

G-6 Amsterdam City The Castle of Cheese

The world's leading cheese! Eat and compare luxuriously.

From the famous Camembert, Gouda, to the slightly unusual Gruyere
To Reggiano! Check the acidity and ease of eating to find your favorite.

It features a soft richness and umami like nuts.
Acidity ★ ☆☆ Depth ★★ ☆
Ease of eating ★★★
Characterized by a mild taste.
Acidity ★ ☆☆ Depth ★ ☆☆
Ease of eating ★★★
The habit is modest and easy to eat.
Acidity ★★ ☆ Depth ★ ☆☆
Ease of eating ★★★
Parmigiano Reggiano
Known as "King of Italian cheese". The more you chew, the more delicious you feel.
Acidity ★ ☆☆ Depth ★★★ Ease of eating ★★ ☆

Eat and compare sets for sale!

A great deal to taste the world's four largest cheeses at home
Package available ♪
Share your happiness with your family and friends! (1,000 yen)

4 kinds at the wine festival venue
Provided on one plate!
(1,100 yen)

G-7 Amsterdam City
Rubens Street

Of cheese and wine
Please enjoy!

Cheese Professional

Three carefully selected cheeses

It is said to be the most well-known and difficult cheese qualification.
Cheese selected by the staff who owns "Cheese Professional".

Of wine and cheese
Please enjoy!

Fourme d'Ambert

Known as "noble blue". It features a creamy and mellow taste.

Acidity ★ ☆☆ Depth ★ ☆☆
Ease of eating ★★ ☆

918 yen (per 100g)

Lulu Stick Brie

White mold cheese with a history of over 1000 years.

Acidity ★ ☆☆ Depth ★★ ☆
Ease of eating ★★★

950 yen (per 100g)

Mimolette (aged for 18 months)

Cheese that tastes like karasumi as it ages.

Acidity ☆☆☆ Depth ★★★
Ease of eating ★★ ☆

1,404 yen (per 100g)

Nagasaki cheese

Cheese loved in Nagasaki. You can eat it as it is or combine it with sake!

Satomura Ranch

Fiore Mozzarella 100g / 850 yen

Fiore Mozzarella Basil 50g / 500 yen

Soft and milky
Cheese that you can enjoy the taste.

Smoked workshop

Smoked cheese
Plain pepper / 1,100 yen each

The mellow scent is perfect for snacks!

Selling cheese by weight

The popular sales by weight are back! We cut your favorite cheese to the desired amount (* 100g or more) and serve it. If you get lost, we recommend the assorted set!


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