9/11 Sat. ~ 11/3 Wed.

I-6 Harbor Town Bayside Kitchen

At the restaurant in the port city,
Using fresh ingredients
Lots of autumn tastes.
Different ways to enjoy day and night
You can enjoy it!

Select seasonal ingredients on the spot.
Let's enjoy the chef's special cooking method!

Sweet potato sweet brulee

Put vanilla ice cream on moist and sweet sweet potatoes
Autumn-colored sweets with a scent of burnt soybean flour!
Price: 900 yen

Log Shiitake Hirado Romantic
Lemon steak

Juicy and healthy vegetable steak made by baking plump and thick brand shiitake mushrooms with lemon steak sauce
Price: 600 yen

Autumn eggplant pizza tailoring

For fried eggplants in autumn
A pizza-like dish topped with cheese
Price: 1,000 yen

In addition, of the restaurant in the hall
Check out the autumn limited menu!

Harvest Festival in the street of flowers
Click here for gourmet




With a juicy drink
Feeling refreshed ♪

Choose your favorite fruit and taste the freshly squeezed juice!

Types: bananas, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, pineapples, melons
Price: 600 yen each (800 yen for melon only)

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