9/13 Mon.~11/3 Wed.


G-7 Amsterdam City
Rubens Street and others

From the beginner's recommended course where you can enjoy 100 kinds of abundant wine
To the recommended wine connoisseur course where you can taste a little rich wine!

Due to the extension of the state of emergency unique to Nagasaki Prefecture, alcoholic beverages will be served until 7 pm from Sep 13th to 30th. Click here for details

  • Various types
    I want to drink and compare

    Recommended for wine beginners
  • Rich wine
    I want to taste

    To wine connoisseurs
  • Even at the hotel
    Wine festival!

    Special feature

Recommended course for wine beginners who want to compare various types of wine

<Reception place>

G-7 Amsterdam City
Rubens Wine Festival Venue


Fresh like the local
Barrel raw wine that you can taste the deliciousness

if you want to compare 100 kinds of wineRegular course

open bar 95 types of wine + 5 types of barrel wine
General 2,800 yen, members 2,500 yen


guests who participate in the regular course will receive a special pouch and glass for the wine festival! The next time you bring it, you will get a 300 yen discount ♪

If you are weak in alcohol, you can enjoy it from 1 cup (120ml)!
General 500 yen, members 450 yen

If you want to try a higher-grade cup, purple rain

A beautiful purple wine that was created by chance with the power of nature without using any coloring agents. Since the amount of antioxidant is reduced to the limit, it is also recommended for health conscious people ♪

120ml general 800 yen,
Member 700 yen

* Not included in the regular course (all-you-can-drink)

if you want to drink wine that looks cute
Purple rain sparkling

《Topping flower》

Sweet and sour hibiscus blooms in purple rain. There is no doubt that it will look great on Instagram!

120ml general 1,000 yen,
Membership 900 yen

* Not included in the regular course (all-you-can-drink)

In addition, non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are also available!


A large collection of cheeses from around the world!
Click here for the cheese festival!

A perfect wine bottle for souvenirs

G-7 The Castle of Wine

Flower label

ローズ&ライチ ワイン

The bottom of the bottle
In the shape of a rose flower

Côte de Rose Rose
2,800 yen

Roses and pomegranates
Slightly fragrant

Rose smile
2,000 yen



Hotel EuropeHotel AmsterdamForest Villa

You can have a girls party in your room!

With purple sparkling wine
Special plan

Purple sparkling wine, breakfast, 1 DAY Park Ticket

36,600円~ (2名1室・1名様あたり)


Fresh barrel wine is here this year!

You can taste 100 kinds of wine! Wine festival
Enjoyment plan

Wine festival regular course
・ Breakfast ・ 1 DAY Park Ticket

24,000円~ (4名1室・1名様あたり)

Recommended course for wine connoisseurs who want to taste rich wine

<Reception place>

G-7 Amsterdam City The Castle of Wine


As if spending time in Europe
The wine you can taste in your mood is exceptional ♪

Enjoy 5 kinds of wine Gold mini course

Piper Edsick Rare, Puligny-Montrachet, Dagromis Barolo, Ep, SUBRINA ACT3

One cup per type 35 ml General 5,000 yen, Member 4,500 yen



France / white / dry
It is characterized by being produced in a world-famous white brewery and being a mineral.


America / Red / Full Body
Opus One's second presence, a wine made by blending grapes from multiple years

Enjoy 12 kinds of wine Gold course

Piper Edsick Rhea, Puligny-Montrachet, Dagromis Barolo, Ep, SUBRINA ACT3, Le Clarence de Haut Brion 2011, Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margot 2016, Les Faux de Latour 2013, Caluad・ De Lafitte 2017, Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild 2017, Overture, Opus One 2017

1 cup per type 35 ml General 18,000 yen, Member 16,200 yen

Premium wine sold by weight (3 types)

The highest peak of noble rot wine

Chateau d'Yquem 2008

75ml general 6,000 yen,
Member 5,400 yen 120ml General 10,000 yen,
Member 9,000 yen

Wine critic Robert Parker's 100 points
Obtained twice

Penfolds “Grange”

75ml general 12,000 yen,
Member 10,800 yen 120ml General 20,000 yen,
Member 18,000 yen

The pinnacle of cult wine

Screaming Eagle
“Second Flight” 2014

会員14,400円 120ml 一般27,000円、

Even at the hotel in the hall
Hold a wine festival!
Wine carefully selected by the sommelier and exquisite dishes selected by the chef
Let's taste it.

"Tasting wine set"

Drink and compare from 50 kinds of wine selected by the sommelier.

開催日: 9/18(土)~11/3(水)
料金:3種飲み比べ 1,500円 5種飲み比べ2,000円

G-1 Oak Lounge

Marriage set of the world's three largest blue cheese and wine

Marriage of the world's best noble rot wine Chateau d'Yquem and the world's three largest blue cheeses.

開催日:10/1(金)~11/3 (水)

I-1 Scheherazade

Garden wine & buffet

All-you-can-eat and drink 50 kinds of carefully selected wines selected by senior sommeliers and special buffet dishes that go well with the wines! !!

Date and time: Saturday, September 18th to Sunday, September 26th
Price: Lunch Adults 5,000 yen Child 2,500 yen Infants 1,500 yen
Dinner Adults 7,000 yen Child 3,000 yen Infants 2,000 yen

J-2 Trottiner

Wine Seminar <For Intermediates>

A casual wine seminar and lunch will be held under the theme of "Enjoy the world's wines".
* Reservation required (0570-064-110)

Dates: 9/20 (Monday) and 9/26 (Sunday) 12:00 (Reception starts at 11:30)
Price: 5,000 yen

J-2 Trottiner

Chateau Pichon Longville Baron Makers Dinner


Date: 10/9 (Sat) 18:00 (Reception starts at 17:30)
Fee: General 24,000 yen Membership 22,000 yen


Ebisu-za Wine Association



I-1 Ebisu-za

Carefully selected sommelier
Enjoy wine in a glass

Domaine de la Romanée Conti

Made in Burgundy, France, it is known as the most trusted and graceful wine in the world.

Price: Glass 15,000 yen


Opus One 2012

A super wine created by the joint efforts of two great wine-producing masters, "Robert Mondavi" and "Baron Philop".

Price: Glass 8,000 yen

I-1 Kissuitei-Ebisu-za

Chateau Pichon Baron

One that you can enjoy the wonderful balance of long-lasting finish.

Price: Glass 6,000 yen

J-2 Trottiner

Pavillon de Poiffere

Only available at Huis Ten Bosch, built with the natural environment in mind.

Price: Glass 1,600 yen

G-1 A Coeur Ouvert

The Three Hotels
Restaurant event special feature

Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels Restaurant holds various seasonal events. Enjoy "delicious" and "happy" Huis Ten Bosch


Hotel Europe

You can enjoy the original wine of the wine festival in your room.

Wine time plan in the room Yuga in autumn


37,600円~ (2名1室・1名様あたり)

Huis Ten Bosch Official Account