Adult Autumn Trip

Enjoy the autumn season experience while feeling the exoticism in the European cityscape dyed in autumn colors.

While strolling around the city
Autumn flowers
Slowly enjoy


Flower passage

Amsterdam City G-5

The shopping street in the center of the city is decorated with floral art works. Feel the autumn with colorful dahlias and mum.

Autumn roses

Oct/30th (Sat) - Nov/21st (Sun)

Art Garden E-2

Palace Huis Ten Bosch K-21

Autumn roses have a mellow scent. It is exceptional to walk the streets of Europe in autumn while being surrounded by the scent.

If you want to enjoy the show and the food

In an open space
While listening to the music of the musician
To thegastronomic experience of European sake.

Amsterdam Square

Amsterdam City,
Amsterdam Square G-14

Enjoy wine and seasonal flavors while watching the lively autumn show. If you want to enjoy more wine, don't miss the Wine Festival.

For a harvest experience unique to autumn

Seasonal fruits
Choose vegetables
Taste on the spot.

Farmers market

Harbor Town Bayside Kitchen I-6


Illuminations in the cityshine, creating a fantastic space


Welcome to City of Light At the back, go to a fantastic world with the biggest Halloween night walk in Huis Ten Bosch

Supper at the hotel.
With the best wine
Enjoy your meal.

A Coeur Ouvert

アムステルダムシティ ホテルアムステルダム G-1


Soak in anatural hot spring slowly
The mind and body are filled
A moment of healing


You can relax in open-air bath of a natural hot spring. A wine bath will appear during the period. Excellent effect on cold and fatigue recovery!
* Reservation required for the private bath in the photo


Hotel Europe

Harbor Town Hotel Europe I-1

This is the only hotel concert in Japan that is held every night 365 days a year. Have a blissful time with high-quality music.


Hotel Europe

You can enjoy the original wine of the wine festival in your room.

Wine time plan in the room Yuga in autumn


37,600円~ (2名1室・1名様あたり)


Hotel EuropeHotel AmsterdamForest Villa

Harvest Festival in the street of flowers. 
A plan to enjoy the taste of autumn at the dinner buffet.

A Coeur Ouvert, Dinner Buffet
 included, +1 drink, breakfast, 1 DAY Park Ticket

 27,200  yen ~ (1 room for 4 people, per person)

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