Girl's trip

Enjoy the taste of autumn and Halloween in the autumn-colored European streets!

With digital experience-basedcontent
Actively play,
Healed by the scent!

VR world

Attraction Town D-2

First in western Japan! Screaming experience with "VR rafting" and "Ultra reverse bungee"!

Flower Fantasia

Light Fantasia City F-1

Once you step in, you will be surrounded by the scent of flowers. A healing experience that forgets time in your own flower fortune-telling and fantastic space.

With beautiful flowers
Colored in a patio style
Visiting brilliant spots ♪

City of flowers

Near G-7, Amsterdam City, Rubens Street

The main venue of the wine festival Rubens Street is decorated with flowers and looks like the patio (courtyard) of Cordoba, the ancient capital of Spain.

Matching with friends
At Halloweenoutfit
Feeling excited ♪

Happy Halloween

Halloween admission campaign

With 2 or more items in disguise (1 pet is OK!), Admission is discounted by 500 yen for up to 4 people!

Halloween SNS campaign

If you post with the specified hashtag, everyone will get a gift! In addition, if you post a photo in disguise, you can get a luxurious prize depending on everyone's vote!

Tasting100 kinds of selected wines
in an open spacesurrounded by

Wine festival

Amsterdam City, Rubens Street G-7

A very popular event where you can compare and drink 100 kinds of wine. This year, a barrel of raw wine that you can enjoy a fresh taste is introduced. Enjoy plenty of harvest festival gourmet food such as cheese and sausages with wine.

Original sweets
Using castella
Unique to Nagasaki

Castella festival

Attraction Town, Castella Castle, others D-14

Autumn is the season for castella. Because the temperature and humidity are the best for the aging of castella. Furthermore, October 1st is Coffee Day. How about castella sweets with coffee?

3,000 pumpkin lanterns are lit and fascinated
by the fantastic sight

Halloween night walk

Palace Huis Ten Bosch approach K-21

The number of pumpkin lanterns is about three times that of last year! Enter the fantastic world on the biggest Halloween night walk in Huis Ten Bosch history.

Buy foreign beer
and your favorite wine
and have a girls partyat the hotel♪

Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam City G-1

Since the hotel is in the hall, you can enjoy until late at night, and if you get tired, you can rest soon. Enjoy the autumn nights.

Recommended accommodation plans for girls' trips

Hotel EuropeHotel AmsterdamForest Villa

You can have a girls party in your room!

With purple sparkling wine
Special plan

Purple sparkling wine, breakfast, 1 DAY Park Ticket

36,600円~ (2名1室・1名様あたり)


Fresh barrel wine is here this year!

You can taste 100 kinds of wine! Wine festival
Enjoyment plan

Wine festival regular course
・ Breakfast ・ 1 DAY Park Ticket

24,000円~ (4名1室・1名様あたり)

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