Celebrate the arrival of autumn
Enter-Tament show-NS


Stage show

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

Various seasonal shows are held every day!

Review of dream
~ Stage dyed in autumn colors ~

The review show of the popular opera THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch Please enjoy the gorgeous performance that feels the refreshing autumn.

Halloween party
-If you don't give me sweets, you'll be mischievous-

Team excitement dances lightly to Halloween songs! An autumn-only show that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Masked dance party
~ Salute to the blessings of autumn! ~

The popular "Masked Dance Party", where you can dance together and get excited, is also a special version only for autumn.

~ Happy Harvest ~

A powerful entertainment show from the Japanese drum group "Revue HTB Tenko

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