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Oct/30th Sat. ~ Nov/21st Sun.

* Flowering conditions may vary due to weather and other reasons.

Blooming in the autumn sky
 1,000 varieties of roses and  please enjoy
Rich beauty
 Sweet scent.

Two major spots for autumn roses

A deep scent
Spread all over

#01 アートガーデンE-2

Colorful roses are in full bloom in the largest garden area of the venue. See the mellow scent of autumn roses along with the colorful autumn colors of the European cityscape.


#02 パレス ハウステンボス

A variety of award-winning, beautiful and noble roses are in full bloom, including roses bearing the names of the imperial family and the royal family, and roses inducted into the Hall of Fame by the World Federation of Rose Societies, which has 37 member countries.


Autumn roses have a strong scent. There are 6 types, including the "Damask Classic", which gives you the so-called "rose scent", and the ones that give you the fruity scent. The scent is especially strong in the morning, so it is recommended to enjoy a walk early in the morning.

Damask classic

The so-called "rose scent". A classic scent that combines strong sweetness with gorgeousness and richness.

Damask modern group

A more passionate and sophisticated scent with a strong scent while inheriting the scent of Damask Classic.

Tea group

A soft and elegant black tea leaf-like scent that is different from the damask scent. The scent is moderate, but it has an elegant and graceful impression.


A scent with a mixture of damask and tea scents. A refreshing sweet scent reminiscent of the scent of fresh fruits such as peach, apricot and apple.

Blue group

The scent of most blue rose varieties with blue flower color. Mainly damask modern and tea scent components are mixed to form a unique scent.


It has a damask classic scent, but it has a slightly pungent scent, such as spice cloves, with a hint of sweetness.


Produce a fantastic light-up at night. Enjoy the world's largest illuminations and the roses at night, which is different from the daytime.

Art Garden E-2

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