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"can't believe it!
here is like a miracle
—President of Meian International
Alan Mayan-

Flowering situation



























Surrounded by beautiful roses
Yuga place

Grand Rose Garden

E Art Garden

The main spot of Rose Festival.
Like a collection of roses from all over the world
Luxurious space.

Rose cascade

Bright rose pillars line up on both sides of a 130m long waterway that extends straight

Labyrinth of rose scent

A vast labyrinth of roses and water channels with strong-smelling varieties

Landscape rose garden

Roses that bloom densely in one plant are in full bloom as if covering the entire garden.

Old rose garden

Area where old roses gather around precious roses before 1867, such as the roses loved by Marie Antoinette

Rose garden

Five miniature gardens with different themes, including the collection of roses drawn by the court painter Redoute of Napoleon Princess Josephine.

At the white swing photo spot
Take a photo surrounded by roses

Find your favorite rose♪

Rose market

Opening Times /10:00~18:00

A limited-time market with a wide variety of roses. Why don't you grow it in your own garden? In addition to roses, we also sell flower crowns and rose juice.

gift campaign

Period: 5/8 (Mon) - 14 (Sun), 5/20 (Sat) - 21 (Sun)

In commemoration of Rose Festival, guests who purchase two rose pots will receive an original purse with a cute rose pattern.
*Each color of pink and black will end as soon as it runs out.

Huis Ten Bosch
 named variety

"Huis Ten Bosch"

A rose made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the park.
You can feel the scent strongly in bright purple ♪

While being wrapped in a superb view of roses
You can also enjoy wine!

Early Summer Wine Festival

Would you like to spend a relaxing time, enjoying wine and gourmet food in a rose garden with live music? Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.  

E Art Garden

The scent of roses and relaxing music 

Flower Square

G-14 Amsterdam Square

The center of the city where you can enjoy an artist's show while surrounded by the streets of Europe and roses.
Enjoy a relaxing cafe time in a space full of openness.

In the plaza, which is also a popular photo spot marked by crowns and butterfly objects, you can enjoy cute mini roses and early summer flower gardens.

On the stage of Amsterdam Square, we will deliver a gorgeous stage show for this time only!

At the hotel restaurant in the hall, you can enjoy gourmet and sweets inspired by early summer.

Seasonal flowers are
 artistically decorated

Flower Passage
~early summer version~

The European-style arcade "Passage" is a fantastic space filled with  early summer flowers including roses.

G-5 Passage

*From 5/29 (Mon.), some works will disappear.

The flow of water and the roses
Superb view weaving

Rose canal

D Attraction Town
~ H Tower City

Blooming softly on both sides of the canal
Climbing rose
Color along the canal.
Blowing in the early summer breeze,
Enjoy the scent of roses.

After walking on both banks, go to the Canal Cruiser
The view from the boat is also exceptional

Graceful garden

Palace of roses

K-21 Palace Huis Ten Bosch Front Garden

A majestic palace and beautiful roses that appear in a quiet forest.
It's like a fairy tale world
I seem to get lost.

Palace rose garden

Roses bearing the names of imperial families and overseas royal families, such as Maria Theresa, and roses that have won awards in competitions, are in full bloom.

White rose garden

Pure white roses bloom like dyeing the garden.

Different from noon
Looking at the roses

Night rose

E Art Garden etc.

nostalgic twilight
The streets are
as the sun goes down
light up.
Even the splendid roses are dressed in light
It blooms gorgeously.

In addition, the world's largest illumination shines, and the whole city becomes a space of light.

Roses welcome you

Rose hotel

I-1 Hotel Europe

Surrounded by about 20,000 roses,
The fragrant lobby is one of the spots of the Rose Festival.

In the rose-colored lounge
Have tea time while enjoying live music.

Enjoy your hotel stay
There are also gorgeous designer rooms.

You can enjoy roses early in the morning
Guest Privileges!

 Huis Ten Bosch`s #1 hotel.
 You can experience  extraordinary. 

Hotel Europe

Located in the heart of Huis Ten Bosch. 
Gorgeous in-park hotel.

Hotel Amsterdam

Wrapped in a pleasant tranquility
Oceanfront hotel

Watermark Hotel
Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch

Lakeside Villas where you can spend your time freely like  
private cottages

Forest Villa

 Enjoy a new accommodation experience
Entertainment Hotel

Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

love roses more
Events are also held!

Container garden
Hanging basket

Approximately 40 works from the public submission are exhibited in the venue. Please enjoy them brightly decorating the cityscape!

G-14 Amsterdam Square

Check out the city of roses

Rose map

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