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Look, eat and be filled.

Strawberry original
Enjoy sweets!

Plenty of strawberry and milkshake crepes

A special crepe that uses plenty of Nagasaki's specialty milkshakes and strawberries. Please spend a sweet time.

Fee / 1,000 yen

Mrs. Chocolat 's Strawberry Field Mont Blanc

A new menu of the popular Montblanc, which creates a flower field of memories of Count Chocolat and his wife with seasonal strawberries and edible flowers.

Price / 1,800 yen
Drink set 1,950 yen

Three berry burger is back

A sweet burger with a hot sauce on a berry-filled chocolate dome sandwiched between crispy dough.

Fee / 800 yen

Adult night parfait

Enjoy the pairing of seasonal strawberries and sake at an adult night parfait.

Offer time / 17: 00-20: 00

Plenty of forest apricot kernel

A slightly pink almond tofu reminiscent of spring. It is an irresistible dish for strawberry lovers, using sweet and sour strawberries luxuriously!

Fee / 500 yen

French toast with strawberry and yogurt cream from Nagasaki prefecture

Spring-only French toast using strawberries from Nagasaki prefecture. Enjoy with edible flowers and special yogurt cream.

Price / 1,200 yen

Strawberry afternoon tea set

It is an afternoon tea only for this season, using seasonal "strawberry" luxuriously. Enjoy luxury in the lounge with live music and spring flowers.

Offer time / 12: 00-17: 00
Price / 4,000 yen (with coffee or tea)

Strawberry princess soft

A luxurious soft serve ice cream made with "Amaou" from Fukuoka prefecture. Topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce!

Fee / 500 yen

Strawberry Belize Burger

The fresh sweetness of strawberries and whipped cream and the acidity of Franboise sauce are a perfect match! Have a very sweet time while looking at the canal ♪

Fee / 800 yen

Strawberry sundae

It's irresistible for strawberry lovers! Sunday dressed like a flower with strawberry ice cream in the middle using plenty of strawberries ♪

Fee / 900 yen

Mt. Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait

A tall parfait made with strawberries from Kyushu. Thanks to the sweet and sour strawberries, you can eat without getting tired ♪

Offer time / 11: 00-16: 30
Price / 1,500 yen

Palace Strawberry Fair

The "Palace Strawberry Fair" with plenty of seasonal strawberries will be held again this year! The regular afternoon tea set has been upgraded to the strawberry version! Please spend an Yuga tea time at the Palace Tea Salon.

Offer time / 9:00 to 17:00
Price / Afternoon tea set 1,800 yen (with tea)
Strawberry soda float 850 yen
Strawberry milk 650 yen
Strawberry tea 650 yen

With flowers, with strawberries.
I can feel spring
Recommended drink ♪

Strawberry Ruby Chocolate Whipped

Ruby chocolate whipped cream made from pink cacao is now available exclusively at the Flower Festival as a strawberry specification.

Fee / 600 yen

Amaou Cocktail Fair

Using the strawberry "Amaou" from Kyushu, the fresh and juicy taste is expressed in a cocktail.

Period / 2 / 26-4 / 24
Offer time / 17: 30-23: 30
Price / 1,800 yen ~

Rose cocktail

Left) Flower of Empress
A three-layered layered drink style. A colorful cocktail using edible flowers.
Right) Rosalia
A gorgeous cocktail with rose petals made from rose liqueur.

Offer time / 17: 00-23: 30
Price / 1,200 yen each

Spring flower cocktail

Several kinds of flower cocktails are available in turn according to the flower season! Enjoy spring with its taste and aroma!

Offer time / 21: 00-24: 00 (LO 23:30)
Price / 1,000 yen each (800 yen for non-alcoholic drinks)

Strawberry mixed berry soda

The refreshing taste of raspberry syrup and ginger ale is topped with strawberries. A luxurious non-alcoholic cocktail!

Price / 750 yen

Shining flower tea in the flower field

Peach-flavored iced tea decorated with spring flowers ♪ You can enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Fee / 1,000 yen

Shining strawberry matador

A cocktail of tequila divided by strawberry syrup and apple juice and served with frozen strawberries.

Fee / 800 yen

Using ingredients unique to spring
Enjoy seasonal gourmet food!

Harusai hand-rolled sushi set

A spring-only sushi set where you can enjoy vinegared rice with chrysanthemums and fresh local fish, even with hand-rolled or original mini-don. The miso soup of sea lettuce seaweed is also a spring-like gem.

Price / 2,000 yen
* 3/10, 17 stores closed

Clam and turnip cream Linguine Spring color 3 color sauce

Cream linguine, which is characterized by the taste of turnips and the gentle bitterness of turnips, is colored with red-yellow paprika and three spring-colored turnip sauces.

Price / 1,800 yen

Grilled pork loin from Nagasaki prefecture with salt lemon sauce

Local Nagasaki pork loin is grilled to remove excess oil, and salted lemon sauce is used to create a refreshing floral dish.

Price / 1,800 yen (with rice and soup)

Egg flower blooming flower burger

A cute hamburger with fried egg flowers in fluffy pink buns ♪

Fee / 1,000 yen

Japanese black beef smoked flower tailored Huis Ten Bosch with spring vegetables

Japanese black beef, which looks like a petal, is lightly smoked with cherry chips to bring out the flavor. Enjoy with spring vegetables cultivated at home in Huis Ten Bosch.

Price / 1,600 yen

Huis Ten Bosch vegetables and smoked salmon accordion sandwich

A sandwich with plenty of pesticide-free vegetables and smoked salmon from Huis Ten Bosch. Why don't you feel "spring" with a refreshing sauce?

Price / 1,200 yen

Sakura aged salmon sushi [pine / bamboo]

You can enjoy 4 seasonal dishes with the unique seasoning of Hananoya and the cherry leaves to eliminate the smell of salmon and condense the umami.

Price / [Bamboo] 2,000 yen, [Pine] 3,000 yen

Unzen Shimabara chicken and Camembert grilled curry
~ With spring vegetables ~

The soft and flavorful Shimabara chicken and the grilled Camembert go great together! This spring-only Cheese Waag push menu.

Price / 1,650 yen

Sakura shrimp kakiage champon

A colorful spring-only champon with shelled clams, kakiage and edible flowers in a rich soup with the scent of sakura shrimp.

Price / 1,600 yen

Enjoy a different spring than usual,
Luxury hotel gourmet.

Flower basket lunch

A seasonal bento that allows you to enjoy the colors of spring at home.
* Take-out limited products
* The image is for 2 people

Offer time / 12: 00-17: 00
Price / ¥ 2,400 per person
* Closed every Monday

Nagasaki red sea bream pie wrapped anchovy butter sauce with cherry blossom scent

A reprinted fish dish commemorating the 30th will appear on the Prelude course where you can enjoy the taste of spring.

Period / 3/1 ~ 5/31
Offer time / 17: 30-20: 30
Price / 11,000 yen
* Closed every Tuesday


Nagasaki local cuisine and spring dinner buffet

In addition to Nagasaki's unique local cuisine and Sasebo's specialty lemon steak, fresh locally caught seafood and ingredients that are in season in spring add color to the dish. Please enjoy a dinner to enjoy the spring of Nagasaki.

Offer time / 1st copy 17: 30-19: 00 2nd copy 19: 30-21: 00
Price / Adults 4,800 yen, Child (4 years old to elementary school students) 2,400 yen (tax included)

Spring casual lunch buffet

A spring casual lunch buffet decorated with spring vegetables and edible flowers from the suburbs. Enjoy your meal while gazing at the lakeside forest surrounded by the spring weather.

Period / 3/1 ~ 5/6
Offer time / 11: 30-14: 00
Fee / 2,300 yen * Child and infants are charged






We will hold a spring wine event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the business. All-you-can-drink 30 kinds of wine carefully selected by senior sommeliers.



We will hold a seminar & lunch event where you can feel free to learn about wine deliciously. With the theme of "How to enjoy home-cooked food and wine", we propose a wine life that makes your meal enjoyable.


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