Welcome to the Authentic Christmas Town!

Plunge into the Real Holy Night
"Christmas Town"

Location: Attraction Town

All day long, HTB "Christmas Town" is brimming with activities for the whole family! Cristmas shows, Christmas stalls, and Chrismas dishes! Take aplunge into the fascinating world of HTB Christmas!

Let's walk along the beautiful Christmas crafted stalls. You will definitely feel like shopping in the European Christmas town.​ ​

Very Imstagrammable! Sweets, mulled wine and hot chocolate are too cure to eat!

Countless little lights and richly decorated giant (12m high!) Christmas trees are lining up the sidewalk.​ ​​ ​

The first floor is a store specializing in souffle pancakes. There is no doubt that it will look good on SNS ♪

Christmas Show by dancers dressed in Christmas costumes!

You can enjoy picture book reading by Santa Claus himself. Please look forward to what kind of story ♪

A lot of cute goods such as snow globes and Santa's figurines.

The glances will be captured with the brilliance of pure white
"White Winter Wishes Wonderland "

Location: Amsterdam Square

A chapel illuminated, a tree with 10,000 crystals. The "White winter Wishes Wonderland" is back again this year. Don't miss the "Lighting Ceremony" where the whole area will be instantly turned to Wishes Wonderland

Enchanting Lighting ceremony. You will be whisked away into White Winter Wishes Wonderland.

Send a a letter to you or your love one at the magical post in the "Prayer Chapel" and Receive it a year later.

Take a seat in the middle of Christmas sounds and show. There is a open restaurants where you can taste the hotel chef recommends and the convivial mood!

Immerse yourself in the finest Christmas music by artists from around the world

Make memories and join the workshop in making handmade Christmas goods

New Photo Spot

Location Passage

If there is one thing that epitomizes the spirit of Christmas flowers, it is without a doubt the Poinsettia.
The bright red flower that fill the arcade dye the surroundings in a happy Christmas color. Would you like to take commemorative photos with your love ones at the huge poinsettia tree, a height of over 6m?

New variety that will appear in the fall of 2020! Happy yellow poinsettia "Yellow Lux" is displayed in various places in the hall.

This is being developed with the support of the project implementation body, the Flower Life Promotion Council, utilizing the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Support Project for Expanding the Utilization of Flowers in Public Facilities, etc."

Pretty Christmas Dishes!
Enjoy luxury Cuisine!

Hot and mellow on cold nights

Unzen pork loin popiet

Popular sweets Christmas ver.

Former Residence ofMadame Chocolat
Noel Mont Blanc

Christmas colors in French

De Admiraal
Christmas dinner

We offer you HTB original souvenirs for you and someone you love.

Wrap in a fantastic light

Sphere candle
Available at :General store, etc.

Excellent texture and comfort!

Kingdom of Lights Bear 2020wens
Available at : General store, etc.

It snows in City of Light

販売場所 総合売店ほか

More Lights to see!

The world's largest and most brilliant Lights world with 13 million LEDs...
" Kingdom of Lights "

Huis Ten Bosch is regarded as a world-class
for its entertaining light production at a magnificent scale.  
Please fully enjoy the charm of the "Kingdom of Lights" with 13 million LED lights

The entire city is illuminated

Photo spots are 

Japan's largest
Fountain show

Click here for details

We invite you to come and jouney to the Europe here in HTB.

How to enjoy "Christmas of City in Lights"

Not to mention Christmas spots and illuminations in the hall
Lots of popular Attractions and exquisite gourmet food! Introducing the recommended way to spend Christmas town ♪