Amsterdam Square

A chapel that shines magnificently under the winter night sky.
A 15-meter-high tree with 10,000 crystals.
HTB offer you and your love ones for special experience unlike anything you have seen before with pure white dazzling lights.

The magnificent lighting ceremony
It's speechless.

"White Winter Wishes Wonderland"
Lighting Ceremony.

It's just speechless. The pure white world of tens of thousands of lights. Surrounded by beautiful harmony. It will be an unforgettable memory for each of you.


Dear yourself in the future, Dear your loved ones,
May your words reach to someone you care.

Prayer chapel

Dear yourself in the future, Dear your loved ones,
May your words reach to someone you care.

Prayer chapel

This chapel locates in the center of the Wishes Wonderland. It happened one night, a magical post had appeared in the chapel. It is told that once you put the letter in, the letter will be delivered to someone you care on "a day of Christmas a year later".

This is a place where everyone wishes joy and happiness. Well, it's your turn to wish and write a letter to someone you care.

Amsterdam City Stud House 3rd Floor

* On Sat, 11/22, 12/20, 24, 25, 27: close at 21: 20
* may not enter: about 20 mins before and after the Lighting Ceremony and wedding.
* Post and letter sets will be available until 12/27.

Letter Sets

Price JPY 500
At the Amsterdam Square Stalls
Drink Set JPY 950 is also available
Store Holland House, Souvenir, Amsterdam Square Stalls, Christmas Market

Christmas gift from HTB! HTB gives you this"Letter Sets" as a privilege for guests staying at 3 Hotels on Christmas fireworks dates (12/19/20/24/25/26)
* Target hotels: Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa
* 1 set per room

Limited time entertainment and Feast proposed by Hotel Chefs

Amsterdam Square

Opera THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch Team Heart
"The revue of dream ~ heart ~"
Christmas ver.

Opera THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch "Team Shine"
「The revue of dream ~Shine~」
Christmas ver.

"Christmas Night Live" Over the Amsterdam Square drifts a Christmas music and souls.

"Omatsuri Matsuri", a powerful drum stage that is full of enthusiasm will warm up the winter air, presented by Japanese drum group "Revue HTB Tenko"

"Masquerade Ball" will be on Christmas ver.! With or without face mask on, you are all invited to this party!​ ​

Enjoy the gastronomy supervised by the hotel chef at an open restaurant in the clear winter air

Enjoy the roast chicken (2,400 yen) that has been carefully roasted in a special roaster.

Hot chocolate (600 yen) and strawberry champagne cocktail "Fresh Strawberries Imperial" (1,800 yen)

For your Christmas memory of this year, HTB propose one and only handmade crafts!

Work Shop

Handmade Snow globe
Price / 2,500 yen
Location / Holland House

Herbarium Wishes Wonderland ver.
Price / 1,500 yen
Location / Angelique