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It's like a professional shooting!
Take a commemorative photo at the popular photo spots in Huis Ten Bosch!

Take a picture and get an image

Read the QR code installed at the popular photo spot in the hall with your smartphone Access MACHIKAME" website! Press the displayed shooting button to take a picture! You can shoot remotely from a viewpoint that you can't shoot yourself!
* After shooting, it may take some time to send to the smartphone depending on the communication environment.
* After downloading the image, please be sure to check that it has been saved.

With a high-performance single-lens reflex camera
Let's take a picture ♪
The shooting area is here!

Flower Road

Area / Flower Road
From 9:00 to sunset

The best photo spot in the venue where you can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year.

Umbrella Street

Area / Attraction Town
From 9:00 to sunset

Umbrellas are lined up on the street of about 130m, and you can take pictures without worrying about whether it is sunny or rainy.
* Umbrella design is subject to change.

In front of the Stud House

Area / Amsterdam City
9: 00-21: 00

An area where you can enjoy music and flowers in the center of the venue.
* Subject to change depending on Opening Times in the park

Fantasia Dome

Area / Fantasia City
From 9:00 to sunset

An area where you can enjoy seven experiences that combine real and digital. You can take a picture with the dome that symbolizes the area!

Harbor Town

Area / Harbor Town
From 9:00 to sunset

A port town with a faithful recreation of Dutch palaces and gardens. Let's take a picture with the symbol tower "Domtoren" in the background!

You can see the pamphlet that explains the shooting method and installation location.

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