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Illuminations show

Fantasia of Lights

A night show will be held in the new area "Fantasia City of Light".
Enjoy a light and music show centered around the square dome.

Light Fantasia City F-1
Time required
About 6 minutes
Holding time
07/09date held
07/10date held
07/11date held
07/12date held
07/13date held
07/14date held
07/15date held
07/16date held
07/17date held
07/18date held
07/19date held
07/20date held
07/21date held
07/22date held
07/23date held
07/24date held
07/25date held
07/26date held
07/27date held
07/28date held
07/29date held
07/30date held
07/31date held
08/01date held
08/02date held
08/03date held
08/04date held
08/05date held
08/06date held
08/07date held
08/08date held
08/09date held
08/10date held
08/11date held
08/12date held
08/13date held
08/14date held
08/15date held
08/16date held
08/17date held
08/18date held
08/19date held
08/20date held
08/21date held
08/22date held
08/23date held
08/24date held
08/25date held
08/26date held
08/27date held
08/28date held
08/29date held
08/30date held
08/31date held
09/01date held
09/02date held
09/03date held
09/04date held
09/05date held
09/06date held
09/07date held
09/08date held
09/09date held

The above "scheduled" time will be announced as soon as it is decided.

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