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Opera (Team Heart) "Romantic Review "Love Detective ♥ Message to the Future""

The setting is London in the early 20th century. One day, a certain news jumps in under Sherrick Holmes, a self-proclaimed detective who loves Sherlock Holmes, and his partner detective Robert. It was that their childhood friend Celine was found dead by the lake. Whether it's an accident or an incident, the more you chase the truth, the more Celine you've never seen. What happened to her? And what kind of message does it convey?
Friendship, love, romance, and the heartfelt story that is a bit mysterious, where the earnest thoughts of various people intersect.

Location E-8 Art Garden Huis Ten Bosch Opera Grand Theater
Date 12月7日~10日
Time required About 60 minutes

Chiakiraku 12/10

date Holding time
Thursday, December 7th 11:30 ~ 、 16:50 ~
Friday, December 8th 11:30 ~ 、 16:50 ~
Saturday, December 9th 11:30 ~
December 10th (Sun) 16:50 ~