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Huis Ten Bosch Tenko “W☆A -beat Christmas- Double A ~Beat Christmas~”

With WA=Japanese beat, the excitement is at its peak!
"WA Beat Christmas" will bring you unprecedented entertainment that goes beyond the framework of Japanese drum performances.
November 8th and 9th will be held as a preview for the media, so there will be restrictions on entry to some event areas such as in front of the stage.
In addition, guests may be interviewed or photographed.
Please note that the images and videos taken may be published in various media.

Location G-14 Amsterdam City Amsterdam Square
Date 12月7日、9日、10日、13日、15日~17日、19日、20日、22日~28日、30日
Time required About 20 minutes

11/10 first day

date Holding time
Thursday, December 7th 16:30 ~
Saturday, December 9th 16:30 ~
December 10th (Sun) 16:30 ~
Wednesday, December 13th 16:30 ~
Friday, December 15th 16:30 ~
Saturday, December 16th 16:30 ~
Sunday, December 17th 16:30 ~
Tuesday, December 19th 16:30 ~
Wednesday, December 20th 16:30 ~
Friday, December 22nd 16:30 ~
Saturday, December 23rd 16:30 ~
Sunday, December 24th 16:30 ~
Monday, December 25th 16:30 ~
Tuesday, December 26th 16:30 ~
Wednesday, December 27th 16:30 ~
Thursday, December 28th 16:30 ~
Saturday, December 30th 16:30 ~