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The space where digital and real are fused
State-of-the-art photo spot area

Fantasia City of Lights

3.20 OPEN


A healing space for flowers that you can enjoy with your five senses

Flower Fantasia


This is a secret laboratory that makes flowers of light. You can enjoy flowers with all five senses, such as images, sounds, and scents.

In the flower field of light that changes and appears depending on the people who visit, you can create your own fantastic photo.


The cherry blossom tree, which is the secret fruit, can only be taken here.

A mysterious picnic experience in a secret forest

Forest Fantasia Cafe

Directed by NAKED. INC.

Order your own drink and go into the digital forest

Order your own drink and go into the digital forest.

The cherry blossom tree, which is the secret fruit, can only be taken here.


Forget about everyday
7 experiences await

Of light fantasia city
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The entire photo spot in the hall!
No matter where you take it, it will definitely look great on SNS!

Flower festival

2.27sat. ~ 7.9fri.

Against the background of colorful tulips ♪

Flower Road

You can't miss the "Flower Square", which is marked by a big crown!

Flower Square (Amsterdam Square)

You can become a fairy when you sit down !?
It's cute to take with a butterfly chair!


Popular "Hanakanmuri" etc.
Lots of spring-like goods ♪

4 months to feel the changing seasons with flowers and festivals

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Enjoy tea time

Hotel Europe
"Anchors Lounge"

At a hotel restaurant full of luxury, with a little luxurious afternoon tea ♪

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Former Residence of Madame Chocolat

The inside of the store is all pink and cute no matter where you take it! Montblanc, which changes with the seasons, is sure to look good on SNS.

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In colorful light
The night cityscape wrapped up

Umbrella Street

Umbrella Street which you can enjoy day and night, is transformed into a spring-like flower ver.! For colorful and gorgeous photos ♪
Location: Attraction Town

Night Canoe

time surrounded by the beautifully lit city lights. You can take romantic pictures on colorful water!

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Recommended hotels for women's travel

The only hotel in the theme park

Hotel Amsterdam

The only hotel in the theme park

Hotel Amsterdam

All rooms are over 45㎡. I'm glad that there are plenty of women-friendly facilities such as floral wallpaper and powder room that you will want to take a picture of!


4名1室・1名あたり 23,200円~/泊





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4名1室・1名あたり 16,400円~/泊




「ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY」オリジナルボールペンをプレゼント!

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Students are definitely profitable now

Spring is amazing!
Student discount campaign

* Student discount target: University students and graduate students over 18 years old and those who are enrolled in specialized or miscellaneous schools

Only now from the regular rate
900 yen discount

Student discount 1 DAY Park Ticket

Sale period: ~ April 4, 2021

Usually 7,000 yen

6,100 yen

* Only for advance purchase

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For about 2 1 DAY Park Ticket
Can be purchased

Student discount Annual Pass

Sale period: February 1st to May 31st, 2021

Usually 19,000 yen

16,000 yen

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At the price of 1 DAY Park Ticket
You can buy an Annual Pass

New adult support campaign


Only for new adults living in Kyushu!
Usually 20,000 yen

7,000 yen

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