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time surrounded by seven colors of light

Forest Pool

7/22 ~ (18 years old and over only)

time surrounded by seven colors of light

Forest Pool

7/22 ~ (18 years old and over only)



Location / Wellness Center J-2





Full facilities

Coin lockers are available free of charge.

Large and clean permanent toilet


Place Forest Villa Wellness Center J-2
period 7/22 (Thursday / holiday) -9/10 (Friday)
Time 19:00~20:00
Fee パスポート対象外 600円(土日祝・8/7~15は1,000円)

usage limit Night pool access is limited to 18 years and older.
Admission may be restricted during times of congestion.
Rental supplies Towel / 200 yen,
Swimwear / paid rental available (men and women, adults / children), float / free
Facility Changing room (equipped with air conditioner, equipped with hairdryer),
Coin locker (free)
Shower room (3 private rooms free)
[Important] Precautions before use
please confirm
  • At the time of admission, you will need to show your ticket, accommodation certificate, etc. Please note that if you do not have proof, you will be charged the same fee as the Park Ticket Accommodation certificates and vouchers can be issued at the front desk of each hotel even before check-in.
  • The wellness center has no slope. Wheelchair, stroller available guests is more help is needed in please offer to staff.
  • Please refrain from bringing in fires, dangerous goods, alcoholic beverages, glassware, umbrellas, tents, beach balls, snorkels, fins, underwater masks, etc.
  • Children under 120 cm tall are required to wear an arm fix (floating ring for arms, free rental).
  • The circular pool in the center of the pool is limited to junior high school students and older (13 years old and older). Please note.
  • Depending on the congestion situation, you may have to wait for admission. Please note.
  • Please note that business may be suspended without prior notice during natural disasters or maintenance inspections.
  • Please manage your baggage and valuables by yourself. (There is a free coin locker in the area.)

Please refrain from using those who fall under the following items.

  • Those who are in poor physical condition
  • Those with infectious diseases
  • Those with tattoos (use rush guards, taping, etc., and do not expose them.)
  • Those who are drunk
  • Those who enter with pets

Please refrain from the following acts.

  • Acts that do not follow the staff's instructions
  • Acts of jumping into the pool, acts of diving
  • The act of running by the pool (may slip due to water)
  • Acts of being caught in the outlet or exhaust port of a running water pool
  • The act of drinking water from the pool
  • Water entry other than swimwear
  • Acts that harm morals or may be dangerous
  • Smoking outside the designated area
  • Bringing in bottles, cans, food and drink, dangerous goods
  • Use with naked lower body such as small children
  • Use with small children's disposable diapers (pool water play pants are fine, but please dress on top)