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Resort Stay

--Resort stay -

Introducing discounted tickets  
and accommodation plans only for now to enjoy summer
 with the whole family!

Day   1

Arrive at Huis Ten Bosch

The journey begins here! HTB Official 3 Hotels * Guests can also have a baggage delivery service to the hotel. Let's enter empty-handed ♪

* Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa

Location: Baggage storage A-9


Garden pool

First of all, from the pool! Introducing a new mega slider with a height of about 10m this year! A baby pool for small kids and peace of mind ♪

Location: Art Garden E-5



How about Nagasaki's specialty Turkish rice for lunch? I'm glad that there are summer-only taco rice and kids' menus ♪

Location: Tower City H-2

During hot days
Enjoy the indoor spots!


Aquarium Fantasia

A new area created in March. Adventure in the colorful and fantastic underwater!

Location: Fantasia City of Light F-4


The most beautiful insects exhibition in the world

Don't miss the "Morpho Room" where Morpho butterflies are displayed all over the wall. Recommended for Summer vacation research project!

Location: Palace Huis Ten Bosch K-20


Hotel check-in

After playing a lot from the morning, complete the check-in procedure and take a break ♪

Enjoy summer still more!
Go to the party area!


Bayside show & kitchen

Enjoy a night show full of tropical mood and exquisite grilled food! Adults toast at the beer festival ♪

Location: Harbor Town I-6


We also recommend taking a walk while watching


A special time when the hall is surrounded by colorful light.

Day    2


Very satisfied from the morning at the hotel buffet!
Fresh local vegetables and freshly baked bread
I just eat too much!

While it's cool in the morning,
Let's move our body!


Adventure Park

A great adventure in an outdoor area full of nature! Take a walk in the air with a maximum height of 9m!

Location: Adventure Park C-3



The summer-only "Hawaiian Big BBQ Burger" topped with grilled pineapple is very satisfying for naughty kids!

Location: Attraction Town G-8


Exciting experience program

We offer various programs for children, such as bartender experience and manufacturing experience ♪


Shopping before going home,
Don't forget ♪



Huis Ten Bosch classic teddy bear is now available in summer ver.! Sweets that are perfect as souvenirs ♪