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Resort Stay

--Resort stay -

Introducing discounted tickets  
and accommodation plans only for now to enjoy summer
 with the whole family!


With advance purchase
1 DAY Park Ticket
Great value!

Dad, mom, one elementary school student,
For one preschooler


6,200 yen

(Regular price 7,000 yen)

? 2


3,500 yen

(Regular price 4,600 yen)

? 1

School children

500 yen

(Regular price 3,500 yen)

? 1

Save 5,700 yen from the regular price for a total of 4 people!

Campaign price total

16,400 yen

(Regular price 22,100 yen)

1,000 yen discount!

Even junior and senior high school students and university students!
 Everyone is profitable!


Rest assured that you can always return to your hotel!
Stay at an Official hotel and enjoy yourself from morning till night!

If you want to spend time with the whole family without worrying about your surroundings

Forest Villa

Cottages surrounded by nature
One building is reserved and spacious

Living room on the 1st floor, independent on the 2nd floor
There are 2 bedrooms!




(1 room for 4 people, per person)

If you want to relax
 in a large room

Hotel Amsterdam

All rooms are 45㎡ or more and 4 people can stay together
This is the only place where there is a force room

Located in the center of the city, convenient location to go anywhere ♪




(1 room for 4 people, per person)

If you enjoy it in 3 generations

Hotel Europe

Up to 5 people can stay
Convenient connecting room is attractive

If you use a Japanese-style room

Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

Reasonable and easy to stay,
The world's first robot hotel

Special price only for now!
 If you stay reasonably!

[Limited to Aus/31st]
Samatoku Campaign Accommodation Plan

Breakfast included from6,900 yen

(1 room for 4 people, per person)

Now 8,000 yen discount
 coupons are being distributed!

Dynamic package with airline ticket is also recommended