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Review shows of the opera company
At a dance show full of tropical mood
Have an exciting time ♪

Eternal Night Review Show
~ Tonight you will be in the world of dreams ~

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

Opera THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch Boss invites you to the world of dreams with an outdoor review of songs and dance. Don't miss the gorgeous performance that changes with the seasons.
Cast: Opera THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch

Gloria Mare
~ Following the Latin rhythm ~

I-6 Bayside Stage

Team Excite dances hot and hot to the Latin masterpieces, enlivening the summer. Please enjoy the Latin rhythm that your body starts to move!
Cast: Team Excite

Burn up! summer vacation!

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

Meet summer boys and girls who dance happily with unique aristocratic ladies, break common sense and shells, forget about the heat, and start dancing energetic!
Cast: Team Excite

Viva! TENKO / Invitation (Show)

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

A new show that adds various elements such as reviews and physical expressions in addition to Japanese musical instruments! Please enjoy a powerful entertainment show that goes beyond the boundaries of playing Japanese drums.
Cast: Review HTB Tenko

Masked dance party
~ Hot Dancing Summer ~

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

Masked dancers dance enthusiastically on the disco music of yesteryear! Enjoy a fascinating party that will make you move.
Cast: Team Excite


G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

The Polynesian dance team "PUAHINANO" showcases Amsterdam Square in a tropical tropical mood.

TROPICAL Night Stage

I-6 Bayside Stage

The Polynesian dance team "PUAHINANO" will deliver a hot tropical stage on a summer night.

Let's beat sunflower Tuly show
~ Enjoy hot summer to cute ~

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

Let's enjoy the hot summer with Tuly with bright and up-tempo songs! Also pay attention to the cute costumes that image sunflowers.
Cast: Tuly, Team Excite

Let's play in the sea Summer vacation!

G-14 Amsterdam Square Stage

A summer-themed show by Leuk and Luna, and members of Team Excite. Leuk and Luna, who are always playing, invite new friends to play today!
Starring: Leuk and Luna, Team Excite

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