Every day I live with Terbo is so much fun!

"I wonder if my dad and mom who live apart are doing well."
 You may be curious about it.
 You can call me, but I wish I could talk more easily.
 TELLBO is a communication robot that embodies such feelings.
 Feel free to chat as if you were chatting with a distant family member.

What Terbo can do

Feel free to communicate with distant family members

It's very easy because you can have a conversation like a chat.
 If you send a message on your smartphone, TELLBO will make it voice
 Deliver a message. Also, if you talk to TELLBO and send a message, you will receive the message in text as well as voice. You can check the text while you are working or commuting, so you can talk from your smartphone without calling.

On your smartphone
 Send message You can also send audio.

TELLBO by voice
 Give a message.

Talk to TELLBO
 Give a message.

With text on your smartphone
 You will receive a message. You can also listen to the audio.

We will inform you of daily and important information without permission

If you set the daily schedule such as time and hospital visits that you tend to forget, you will be notified by voice.
Please make it a TELLBO only for your important family.

Peace of mind with the watching function

The door sensor detects vibration, and TELLBO will notify you when the door such as the entrance opens and closes, and a message will be sent to your smartphone. The separately sold room sensor detects the temperature, humidity and brightness of the room, the motion sensor detects the object that emits temperature, and the key sensor detects the opening and closing of the thumb turn key. TELLBO will notify you according to the settings and a message will be sent to your smartphone.

Door sensor (included)

Room sensor (sold separately)

Motion sensor (sold separately)

Key sensor (sold separately)

Do you care about your father / mother? (From our internet survey)

Q1. Opportunity to meet parents
 How much is it?

About 44% once to several times a year

Q2. Parents care
 Is it?

About 68% of those who are interested

* From the answers of those who have parents of the elderly

Even if you are concerned about your parents, it is difficult to go to see them.

We asked the monitor family who had such troubles to actually use TELLBO.

Elderly parents can easily use it and have more conversations. Also, it seems that the function that informs me of daily matters, medicine time Perhaps I was attached to the stuffed animal at the end, and it seemed sad to return it at the end of the monitor, so I was lonely. Thank you very much.

Women in their 40s

I turned on the power and it was ready to use. The operation of the cute bear was very easy, and even an elderly mother who couldn't email was able to have a conversation with one push. I felt that the distance from my mother who lived away was very close.

Men in their 50s

The timer function is very convenient, time to take the medicine, so you will not forget to take it.
The outgoing volume was loud enough and it was easy to hear.

Men in their 50s

 Let's see what kind of day it will be.

Telbo introduction movie

  • Nice to meet you
  • Edition that can be used immediately after it arrives
  • I'll be saved
  • Don't worry

Price / Product specifications

You can purchase Terbo from 2,980 yen monthly.

  • * 1 This is a charge that includes the installment charge and communication charge for the TELLBO basic set (TELLBO body, stuffed animal, door sensor).
     For the first payment, in addition to 2,980 yen (excluding tax), an administrative fee of 3,000 yen (excluding tax) associated with the communication contract will be charged.
     In addition, a special discount on communication charges will be applied for 2 years. From the third year onward, the communication fee will be 1,740 yen (excluding tax).
  • * 2 If the contract is canceled within 2 years, the payment of 1,650 yen (excluding tax) for the installment fee of the TELLBO basic set will continue until the payment is completed. In addition, a separate penalty of 12,000 yen (excluding tax) will be charged.

There is also a plan to purchase the TELLBO basic set for 39,600 yen and pay 1,330 yen monthly.

  • * 3 An administrative fee of 3,000 yen (excluding tax) is charged at the time of communication contract.
     It will be charged separately.
     In addition, a special discount will be applied to the communication charges for 2 years. From the third year onward, the communication charge will be 1,740 yen (excluding tax).
  • * 4 If the contract is canceled within 2 years, it will be a penalty.
     We will charge 12,000 yen (excluding tax).

Terbo basic set

Plush toy (Fruc)
Plush toy (Fruc)
Plush toy (Carrel)
Plush Doll
Door sensor
Door sensor

What to deliver (TELLBO basic set)

  • TELLBO body
  • Plush Doll

    A stuffed animal that can be dressed up.

  • 1 door sensor

    Detects vibration caused by opening and closing doors.


Housing size
: Diameter about 90mm, height about 150mm
Housing weight
: Approximately 280g
Power supply
: 100-240V AC adapter (type A)
: LTE (Cat. 1, band 1,3,8)
 Bluetooth Low Energy

Plush Doll

: Width approx. 230 mm, depth approx. 190 mm, height approx. 300 mm
: Approximately 160g

Attached sensor (door sensor)

Housing size
: Width approx. 34 mm, depth approx. 68 mm, height approx. 30 mm
Housing weight
: Approximately 30g (excluding batteries)
:Acceleration sensor
Power supply
: 2 AAA batteries

Separately dressed stuffed animals
 Can be purchased



3,980 yen (excluding tax)



3,980 yen (excluding tax)

More convenient with an optional sensor!
 By combining the sensors
 You can set up to 8 pieces.

Room sensor
3,980 yen (excluding tax)

Detects changes in room temperature, humidity and brightness. For prevention of heat stroke and dehydration!

Motion sensor
3,980 yen (excluding tax)

Detects the approach of a person.
 It will be useful for watching.

Door sensor
3,980 yen (excluding tax)

Detects vibration caused by opening and closing doors.
 (It will be the same as the one included in the main body.)

Key sensor
3,980 yen (excluding tax)

It is installed on the thumb turn key to detect the opening and closing of the key.

How to buy

PurchaseHIS MobileIt will be from. You will need your "HIS Mobile ID" to apply, so please complete the purchase procedure after registration.
For purchase, please prepare an image of a document (driver's license, etc.) that can be used to verify your identity, taken with a mobile phone camera or digital camera.

  • * Documents that can be used to verify your identity are those that include your name, date of birth, and current address, and that match the information you enter during the purchase procedure.
  • * If you live in an apartment, the room number must be stated.
  • * If the address etc. is written on the back of the document, the image of that part is also required.
* Transition to the HIS Mobile website
Click here to purchase dress-up stuffed animals and various sensors