Regarding seat management in Amsterdam Square, etc.

Regarding changes in seating management at Amsterdam Square

Thank you for visiting Huis Ten Bosch

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our guestsfor their opinions regarding the operation of seats in Amsterdam Square,and for their valuable opinions in the roundtable discussions and questionnaires.As a result of repeated examinations, we will first respond to the following two points.


■ FromSaturday,July 17th

Regarding the seats in front of the stage (roping area),please refrain from securing seats with luggagein the future.The 20-minute seat reservation rule will also be abolished.If found, our staff will immediately collect and store your luggage.

* Seats outside the roping area are not eligible.




When the "Masked Dance Party" isheld,the seats in front of the stage (roping area) will be removed to make it a dance area. Seats will be removed 15 minutes before the start of the performance,once, so please move out of the roping area.


start date 2021年7月22日(木)より開始
配布枚数 1公演40枚(ステージ正面ダンスエリア)
Distribution time 公演当日11:30~(全公演分、配付いたします)
Distribution location アムステルダム広場カフェ横、イベントオペレーションブース前
Numbered ticket contents ・ダンスエリアは仮面公演の5分前から公演終了までとなります。開演の5分前にエリア入り口までお越しください。
Notes ・整理券は、他のお客様への譲渡はご遠慮ください。


About seat management at Harbor Town

■ July 17th (Sat) -August 31st (Tue)

Please refrain fromsecuring seats with luggage forthe seats in front of the bayside stagethathave appeared with the "Summer Festival".If found, our staff will immediately collect and store your luggage.

Guests who are eating at the restaurant seats in the upper part of the area are noteligible.


Thank you for your understanding.

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