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Hello Spring!

I came with a cheerful cheerfulness
Greetings in the warm season.
Colorful 1 million tulips But
Introducing overflowing spots!

Authentic European cityscape
1 million tulipsIs colored!
Recommended only for now
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The center of the city full of seasonal flowers and shows

Flower Square
(Amsterdam Square)

A popular photo spot with a crown and butterfly monument.
This is the only place where you can enjoy tulips along with the authentic European streets!

You can become a fairy when you sit down (!?) Butterfly chairs, etc.
You can take a lot of cute pictures that look good on SNS ♪

Windmills and tulips
Rural scenery weaving

Flower Road

The striped tulip field is the best photo spot in the hall.
The scenery that spreads out is like a carpet of flowers.

Tulips that seem to continue forever will be fun just by walking ♪

Special Week

3.20 Sat. ~ 4.4 Sun.

A special period in full bloom in spring, when 700 varieties, the most in Japan, are in full bloom.
Let's enjoy the place dyed in spring!

Only in Japan! Huis Ten Bosch
100,000 named varieties are in full bloom


When you enter the square, you will be greeted by a tulip field.
time and look at the scenery like a country town in the Netherlands.
* The photo shows the past.

Variety named by Huis Ten Bosch
Flower field of" Huis Ten Bosch "

Tulips bearing the name of Huis Ten Bosch The pale pink and frill-like petals are cute like a dress ♪

Japan's most 700 varieties of tulips are colored

Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch", which stands at the back of the hall, is
Front Garden is full of colorful tulips.

This is the only spot where you can find the most 700 varieties in Japan! Find your favorite tulip ♪

* Some varieties can be viewed in the museum.

Shining cityscape and tulips
A fantastic world weaving

Night tulip

Illuminations wrap around the city at night!
The collaboration between the sparkling authentic European streets and tulips is unique Huis Ten Bosch

"Tulip of light" appears on Flower Road. A show that shines with music is also held every night!

Tulips all day long
Recommended for those who want to have fun!

Hotel Europe
"Tulip Hotel"

The tulip art works that you can see as soon as you enter the hotel have an elegant appearance that makes you stop.

We recommend not only the lobby but also the guest rooms that are unified with cute floral motifs that make you want to live.

Colorful tulips welcome you

1 million Tulip Festival recommended accommodation plan

Popular wooden tulips x breakfast x 1 DAY Park Ticket Special Privilege!

Sticking to high quality
Premium hotel.Hotel Europe

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All rooms are over 45㎡.
The only hotel in the theme park. Hotel Amsterdam

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A villa-like Cottages
Embraced by forests and lakes. Forest Villa

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The only Japanese-style room in the hall

World's first
Robot hotel. Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

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Not just tulips!
An experience celebrating the arrival of spring
Waiting for you!


Gorgeous events such as a review show of the opera company


Enjoy sweets made with seasonal fruits


Illuminations and flowers collaborate at night!