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fast food

Adventure Park Deli & Cafe

Adventure Park
Outdoor & terrace available
Adventure Park C-2
From 300 yen

A cafe that is ideal for a break after playing hard, providing smoothies, soft drinks and ice cream.

An Adventure Park where you can move your body and play to your heart's content!
Tired of playing and thirsty!
I'm hungry!
In such a case, please use our shop!
There are many delicious menus!

Fair & Event

Only here in Huis Ten Bosch! Drink with a glowing light bulb cup!

A shining drink to enjoy at Huis Ten Bosch which is sure to look great on Instagram! This cup will make Huis Ten Bosch with 13 million balls shine even more ...

What's Good?
Perfect for a break after playing!

Enjoy a sweat at Sky Castle or at The Maze, then take a break with a cold drink!

Facility information
NameAdventure Park Deli & Cafe
LocationAdventure Park
Park holiday
PricesFrom 300 yen

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