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Cafe where cheerful robots work

Henn-na Café Huis Ten Bosch

Welcome area
~2,000 yen
Charging OK
Welcome area A-7
From 200 yen

Before returning home, at the cafe where robots work.

A cheerful robot that talks, dances and serves drinks opens a cafe at a free rest area near the bus terminal.
The latest event information is also introduced in the video.
How about a cafe time with a delicious drink made by a robot on your way home?

What's Good?
Robots serve drinks!

Henn-na Café is a little weird.
Robots make drinks!
Let's dance, talk, and enjoy a moment with a cheerful robot ♪

A calm and relaxing space

The inside of the store is a calm wood-like space. Massage chairs too.

Facility information
NameHenn-na Café Huis Ten Bosch
LocationWelcome area Bus terminal side
Park holidayNone
PricesFrom 200 yen
※ドリンク 250円~
※マッサージ機 200円/10分
※充電器 200円/30分

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