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BBQ Terrace Corrida

Attraction Town
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Seasonal menu
There is a course meal
Outdoor & terrace available
Attraction Town D-15
Charcoal / Ajiro 1 table 500 yen (only at the first payment), Budget guide: Lunch 2,000 yen ~, Night 3,500 yen ~
Fair & Event

Winter limited live oysters from Hario (scheduled from November to late March)

We serve locally produced oysters that arrived that day alive from the cage inside the store!
It is one of our recommended dishes that traps the scent of the shore and the flavor of the tide.
* As this is a local product, the number of daily arrivals is limited.
* Raw oysters are not provided. Please note.

Grilled oysters 1kg 1,500 yen
500g 900 yen

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