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Nagasaki Champon
Who wants to eat Nagasaki's local foods, check this restaurant!!


Tower City
World gourmet
Local specialty
Seasonal menu
Children's menu available
Outdoor & terrace available
~2,000 yen
Tower City H-2
From 1,000 yen for lunch and 1,000 yen for night
Fair & Event
[Period] July 09, 2022-September 09, 2022

[Sunflower plate-Megumi of the sun-] Summer sweets are on sale!

It is a plate dessert where you can enjoy various fruits and sweets with the image of sunflowers with jasmine jelly and pineapple based on homemade almond tofu. We also have a great drink set!

[Period] From July 01, 2022

Huis Ten Bosch 's local production and local summer salad ~ Gokuu style ~

It is a local production for local consumption salad of pesticide-free vegetables cultivated in Huis Ten Bosch, corn from Nagasaki prefecture, and special shrimp mayo.
Finished with homemade olive oil dressing!

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