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Cafe/Teahouse Cafe

Cafe Deli Plus

Tower City
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Seasonal menu
Tower City H-2
Sweets 600 yen ~ Sandwich 750 yen ~ Drinks 350 yen ~

Cafe deli where you can enjoy the taste of the hotel products. take-out available.

Please enjoy the sandwich by Patissier Miura, who won the highest award in the 2016 Fukuoka Western Confectionery Technology Contest, in collaboration with Huis Ten Bosch Bakery, and the cake with a new texture using Kyushu ingredients.
You can eat in, take out, and enjoy watching the flowers of Huis Ten Bosch 's four seasons.

Fair & Event
[Period] December 18, 2021-December 25, 2021

Christmas cake 2021

Happy Xmas from Huis Ten Bosch! "A special cake only once a year" together. [Early reservation discount campaign ...


Gâteau Chantilly/白銀の世界 ガトー・シャンティー


What's Good?
Please enjoy the taste of the hotel by taking out

You can enjoy sandwiches and cakes by the hotel pastry chef, not only eat-in but also take-out while watching the flowers of the four seasons of Huis Ten Bosch.

We also accept reservations for birthday cakes!

料金:12cm 2,800円~

You can only buy it here !! Oiri software

Huis Ten Bosch, a cute and irresistible "Oiri software" sold only at our shop
It is a product that looks great on Instagram.
Please take a picture that you can't take anywhere else with the appearance of Huis Ten Bosch in the background !!

Facility information
NameCafe Deli Plus
LocationTower City
Park holiday
PricesSweets 600 yen ~ Sandwich 750 yen ~ Drinks 350 yen ~
RemarksOpening Times may change or the store may be closed without notice due to weather or other reasons.
We do not accept seat reservations.

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