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food court
A food court where the whole family can enjoy various dishes

Tower City Terrace

Tower City
World gourmet
Sasebo Burger
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Seasonal menu
Outdoor & terrace available
~2,000 yen
Tower City
Sasebo Burger 700 yen ~ Drink 260 yen ~
Opening hours
Business information
Open at 10 o'clock in January
Closed at 18:00


Sasebo Burger 700 yen ~ Drink 260 yen ~

A food court with 6 stores (booths) pursuing originality.
Food Court Terrace" where various delicious foods are gathered in the best location along the canal under the symbol tower "Domtoren Huis Ten Bosch

Each has its own unique menu, and more ingenious items have been introduced to make it even more attractive. Please come visit us ♪

[Store opening introduction]
■ Grilled oysters "Marumo Fisheries"
We handle oysters from the local Kujuku Islands.
This volume that can be done because it is a specialty store! This price!
* Closed from January 12th to February 7th

■ Drink "Sal Soul"
Opening a store from the local Sasebo
We have prepared a creative menu and drinks inspired by the local Sasebo.
* Opening Times 11: 00-18: 00 (closed)

■ Kebab "Tower Kebab"
An authentic kebab from the owner of Baha Men, a thug from Persia.
He looks a little scary, but when I talk to him, he feels good.
* Opening Times 11: 00-18: 00 (closed)

■ Goto Udon (Local Kyushu Udon)
There are also 7 types of toppings.
Try to make the ultimate cup with your own topping arrangement.
* Inari sushi and kashiwa rice balls are also available.

■ Cheese fondue and homemade cheese dog
We have prepared cheese fondue at a low price.
How about a cheese dog with cheese?
enjoy your meal.

[Sasebo Burger]
■ Huis Ten Bosch directly managed store "Bikken Bikken" * "Delicious and delicious" in Dutch
We also paid particular attention to fresh vegetables from local Kyushu, savory sesame buns, and juicy patties.
Huis Ten Bosch is "this shop"

Facility information
Name of facilityTower City Terrace
LocationTower City Tower City Terrace (before departure and arrival of Canal Cruiser
Opening hoursBusiness information
Open at 10 o'clock in January
Closed at 18:00

FeeSasebo Burger 700 yen ~ Drink 260 yen ~
RemarksOpening Times may change or the store may be closed without notice due to weather or other reasons.