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food court
All of your family will find their favorite here!

Tower City Terrace

Tower City
World gourmet
Sasebo Burger
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Seasonal menu
Outdoor & terrace available
~2,000 yen
Tower City H-2
Sasebo Burger 700 yen ~ Drink 250 yen ~

Charisma of oysters produced by Kujukushima Marumo Fisheries

It is small and easy to eat, and please enjoy the rich taste of the local Kujukushima.

Various cocktails (Cassis and Soda)

We have a lot of drinks to suit guests taste, such as gin and tonic, Moscow Mule, Cassis and Soda, and highball.

Chicken kebab

You can choose from four types of sauces: dry, spicy, sweet, and original, and there is also a sweet sauce, so children can enjoy it.

Special burger

Sasebo burger sandwiched between Gouda cheese, fried egg, bacon and thick patty unique to Huis Ten Bosch.

About food allergies

For those with food allergies

For food allergy ingredients in our menu, please check "Food Allergy Ingredients List (PDF)".

Food allergy ingredient list (PDF)

School excursion

School trip menu

The hamburger is made after ordering, so it's hot!
It is baked directly on an iron plate.
There are more than 150 terrace seats, so please come and join us!


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