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I would like to make an advance reservation at the restaurant.


Adventure Park

  • オーラ(健康レストラン)【WEB/電話受付可】ナビダイヤル:0570-064-110

Tower City

  • エルマーソ(地中海料理)【WEB限定】

Harbor Town

  • Hananoya(Japanese cuisine)【TEL only】Direct number TEL.0956-27-0617

Hotel restaurant

  • Hotel Europe / De Admiraal (French cuisine)
    [WEB / telephone reception possible] Direct number TEL.0956-27-0646
  • Hotel Europe / Kissuitei (Japanese cuisine)
    【WEB/TEL】Direct TEL.0956-27-0414
  • Hotel Europe (Teppannyaki)
    【WEB/TEL】Direct TEL.0956-27-0414
  • Hotel Amsterdam / A Coeur Ouvert (Buffet Restaurant)
    【WEB/TEL】Direct TEL.0956-27-0796
  • Forest Villa / Trottiner (Natural restaurant)
    [WEB / telephone reception possible] Navi dial: 0570-064-300
    * May be closed due to charter, etc.

[WEB reservation]
You can check the reservation and availability on the Internet.

How should I dress at the restaurant?

ホテルヨーロッパ デ アドミラル以外は制限がございませんのでご安心ください。ご来場のお客様の大半はカジュアルな服装でいらっしゃっています。

  • ホテルヨーロッパ デ アドミラル

Does the restaurant have baby food?

Baby food is not available at the restaurant, but guests can warm it in hot water or in the microwave. Please feel free to tell the staff.

Can I bring food and drinks into the venue?

Huis Ten Bosch does not allow you to bring your own lunch or drinks to the theme park zone. However, this does not apply to baby food for infants.


About the use of cards, electronic money, and QR code approval


  • It may not be available at some stores such as food stalls. Please check with the store staff.

credit card


gift card



Rental Cycle with an auxiliary chair for children?

Rental Cycle "Fiets", we have bicycles that can carry children. This is equipped with a safety-designed electric assist that puts the safety of children first and prevents the vehicle body from swinging from side to side.

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