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The journey begins! Let's run through the forest while swaying up, down, left and right on a 250m long and 11m high course. Will you endure the thrill and come home with a smile?
* Numbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.


Let's go around the 6km long canal in the vast area by a classical boat. The countryside and cityscape from the ship are exceptional. Find swimming fish and swans.

A landmark with a height of 105 meters. Let's overlook the cityscape like authentic Europe from the observatory 80 meters above the ground. The ship I was on a while ago looks so small!

If you come to Sasebo, you have to eat Sasebo Burger! "Dam" has a wide selection of menus that you want to eat side by side. The hearty "Kingdom Burger" with bacon and eggs sandwiched between them is exquisite!

When you're full, take a break in the healing plaza where you can enjoy flowers anytime. Let's take a picture with a cute butterfly monument ♪

There is no doubt that you will be excited by the turbulent shooting of a full-scale machine gun and the aiming of a sniper rifle! A child-only machine gun that can be used by children aged 10 is also available. Let's enjoy with the whole family!
* Numbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.

Catch giant fish swimming around on a giant screen. The reel that trembles and becomes heavy when caught by fish is more responsive than the real thing! Let's have fun with all three generations.
* Numbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.

For pizza and pasta, go to Pinoccio. Bake the dough crisply in a large pizza kiln custom-made in the pottery town of Arita ♪ "Pinoccio special potato and bacon pizza" is delicious to eat as much as you want!


Accommodation to Hotel Europe

The finest hotel in Huis Ten Bosch with the sea in the garden. Yuga resort stay in a prestigious, all-premium space.

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