HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide


Guide on Admission Tickets (various types), Premium Passport, Discount Ticket, and Group Ticket.

Only for hotel guests! Activity coupon


Target hotel

  • Hotel Europe
  • Hotel Amsterdam
  • Forest Villa
  • Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch
  • ウォーターマークホテル長崎ハウステンボス
  • Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch
  • Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch


Set 2,500 yen (5 sheets spelled)

* Only pre-order sales are available and local purchases are not possible.

Restaurant You can purchase Margherita with a regular price of 1,220 yen with 2 coupons
Shop Each coupon can be used as a 500 yen coupon at the target store


  • * Some programs may be canceled due to stormy weather. Refunds are not possible, so please use another program.
  • * Restaurants, bars and facilities may not be available for private use. Please note that.
  • * You can also purchase at travel agencies (excluding some stores).

How to purchase / contact

Activity coupons are only available for pre-order. Please make a reservation by phone or online reservation.
* Purchase at travel agencies (excluding some stores) is also possible.

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