Request for visit

May 14, 2021

Thank you for using Huis Ten Bosch


The spread of new coronaviruses (mutant viruses, etc.) throughout Japan is still rampant.

As much as possible, we take thorough infection prevention measures such as disinfection of various places, installation of air purifiers, and ventilation.

We continue to be in a state where we do not know when, where, or who will be infected.

Of your visitors guests also, as you will for your cooperation to prevent infection, we would like your understanding thank you.


[Before your visit]

Please be sure to bring and wear a [mask] when you come to the museum. (Those over 6 years old)


マスクご持参・着用 頂けない場合は、ご入館いただけません。

入浴時以外は マスク着用 願います。


② Please come after measuring your own body temperature.

Body temperature will be measured at the reception, If it is 37.5 degrees or higher,No admission Please note that it will be.


③ Others [Rules for admission to Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch Admission Conditions HP:


・ Those who have no fever, cold-like symptoms, dullness, or coughing within the past 2 weeks

・ To countries and regions where the government requires immigration restrictions and observation periods after entry within the past two weeks

Those who do not travel or have close contact with the resident

・ Those who have no history of close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus

・ Limited to those who are not suspected of being infected by their family members or close acquaintances.


[In the hall]


Please be sure to wear a mask except when taking a bath. (When talking at a dressing room, etc.)

 入浴時におきましても、会話は極力控えて(黙浴) くださいますようお願いします。

会話はどこであっても 飛沫感染のリスクが高まります


(2) Thank you for your cooperation in thoroughly disinfecting your fingers.

We have installed it in the hall and various places, so please cooperate. (When and after touching an object)


③ Please be quiet in the hall. (No loud, no noise, no running)

We would like to ask all of you with small children to cooperate.

(You will have to put up with it, but please understand it to prevent splashing.)


④ Please give me a social distance.

Please keep a space between people and​ ​try not to be "dense" as much as possible.


⑤ In addition, please observe the manners and rules of use in the hall and use it.




「お子様をお連れの方」 異性入浴は 佐世保市の条例により 6歳以下となります。

7歳以上の異性入浴はできませんので ご了承ください。



From the new coronavirus infection, in order to observe the everyone is, guests hotel can not be operated on without your cooperation.


We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.